Student, 21, works part-time as a young Queen Elizabeth lookalike

Regal replica! Student, 21, who works part-time as a young Queen Elizabeth lookalike reveals how the success of The Crown sparked her flourishing career

  • Harriet Ball, 21, from Lancashire, is a part-time Queen Elizabeth impersonator
  • University student took up the profession when The Crown gained popularity  
  • Duke of Kent has commented on her striking resemblance to the young monarch 

A university student who has forged a part-time career impersonating Queen Elizabeth in her younger years, revealed how the hit Netflix series The Crown sparked her success.

Harriet Ball, 21, from Preston, Lancashire, who is in her final year of studying screenwriting, turned her likeness of the young Queen Elizabeth into a profitable weekend job after Netlix series The Crown, became popular.

The university student has had fans of the hit show, which returns to the streaming service for season three on Sunday 17th November, stop her in the streets. 

During one of her lookalike appearances, The Queen’s cousin, HRH The Duke of Kent even commented on Harriet’s remarkable resemblance to the young monarch.  

Harriet Ball, 21, (pictured) from Preston, Lancashire, balances her university studies with a part-time career impersonating young Queen Elizabeth

The Queen’s (pictured aged 28 in 1954) cousin, HRH The Duke of Kent even commented on Harriet’s remarkable resemblance

Harriet who can charge anything from £50 upwards for an appearance, also makes many free charity appearances as the British monarch.

Speaking about the role, she said:  ‘I have a huge admiration for the Queen and I would like to think The Crown has boosted Her Majesty’s popularity, yes.

‘When the TV series hits our screens, more and more people book me for events. I have to juggle my job of being lookalike alongside my university course.

‘In the last few years, I’ve been hired to shake hands with the public, recite the Queen’s famous Children’s Hours Speech and reenact the Queen’s inspection of the Home Guard at 1940s weekends.

‘Earlier this year, I performed at a local Veterans café for the D-Day commemorations as HRH The Duke of Kent was visiting.

‘It’s so rewarding when people go “Oh my goodness, you look just like the Queen when she was younger”, it always makes me smile, as I feel I’m doing a good job.

Harriet (pictured) began to receive comments that she looks like the British monarch when she was age 16, following the release of the film ‘A Royal Night Out’

Harriet (pictured) revealed people’s mannerisms change when they interact with her, while she’s impersonating the Queen 

Harriet (pictured) says people stop her in the streets to compare her to the Queen, even when she’s not working 

‘I went in an exact replica of Her Majesty’s ATS uniform and His Royal Highness noted how I in fact looked like the young Queen. I felt truly honoured as The Duke of Kent, is the Queens cousin, and has known her since she was young.

‘Even when I am not working as a lookalike, people in the street stop me to tell me I look like Her Majesty.

‘It’s quite fascinating however, when I am portraying the Queen, how people’s mannerisms change. They tend to hold themselves differently and talk differently, even though I am not the Queen. It’s really quite interesting to see!’

People began comparing Harriet to the Queen when the film ‘A Royal Night out’ about young Princess Elizabeth was released in 2015. However it wasn’t until Netflix’s The Crown took off, that she was able to turn the resemblance into a prospective career. 

Harriet (pictured impersonating the Queen at veteran’s cafe on D-Day commemorations) claims she began looking more like the Queen as she matured

Harriet was given books about the Queen (pictured centre in her ATS uniform in 1945) by her grandmother which sparked her interest

Harried (pictured) admits she didn’t consider turning her likeness of the Queen into a career when she 16-years-old

The 21-year-old who is studying screenwriting in her final year of university, admits she didn’t consider the possibilities associated with looking like the young Queen in her younger years.     

‘When ‘A Royal Night Out’ hit the cinemas in 2015, I went with my friend to see it on opening night and when I returned a lot of people had messaged me to say how much I looked like the Queen in her youth.

‘At this point I was only 16 and hadn’t given it much thought. However, as I got older and matured I began to look a lot more and more like the young Queen. My grandma gave me some books about her that she had had when she was younger and I started to look into it more.

After starting university, Harriet (pictured at D-Day commemorations) bought the exact ATS Uniform that the queen wore during WW2

Harriet claims people began tagging her in photos after the release of The Crown on Netflix, the series follows the life of Queen Elizabeth (pictured)

Harriet (pictured) who extensively researches the Queen’s looks and mannerisms, also performs as a vintage singer around the country 

‘When I started university, I invested in the exact ATS Uniform that the queen wore during WW2 so I can do an accurate portrayal of Her Majesty.

‘By this point, The Crown had been released on Netflix, and more and more people were tagging me, messaging me and sharing stills from the show going ‘You look SO much like her! You have to become a lookalike!’, so I started to build a look around the outfits I saw and loved in The Crown. I scoured the charity shops and vintage shops and built a wardrobe of ball gowns and day dresses so I could channel Her Majesty in any given situation,’ she said.

Harriet is a huge fan of The Queen and does extensive research to meticulously recreate Her Majesty’s looks and mannerisms.

She also performs as a vintage singer in care homes and vintage events across the country, going by the professional name ‘Hattie Bee’.  

The university student (pictured) claims she looks at thousands of images of the Queen, to imitate the beloved monarch

Harriet (pictured) revealed she has an extensive collection of tiaras and gloves, in addition to 1950s dresses and evening gowns

Harriet (pictured) channels the young Queen in most of her day to day looks, and says the hair is the most important part of recreating the Royal’s looks

She continued: ‘It’s all about the research, I’ve looked at thousands of photos of the Queen to recreate some of her looks. I have a collection of tiaras, and more pairs of gloves than you can even imagine. My wardrobe for the Young Queen mainly consists of my ATS Uniform, evening gowns, and a few 1950s dresses.

‘Although I do channel the young Queen in most of my day to day looks. I have a wax jacket I wear with my wellies and woollen skirt when I go for a hike, all I’m missing is some corgis!

‘The most important part of recreating the Young Queen’s looks, despite the clothes is the hair. Many people have said, there’s only one person with that hairstyle and it’s the Queen.

‘On the day of the event I will normally give myself about two hours to get ready, including hair and make-up.

Harriet (pictured) revealed getting ready for appearances as the Queen can take up to two hours to get ready 

Harriet (pictured) watches videos of the Queen as well as Netflix’s The Crown, so that she can emulate her voice

The 21-year-old (pictured) revealed she’s curious how the Queen is able to wave for extensive periods without getting a sore wrist

‘I watch The Crown religiously, it’s one of my favourite programmes, but I do spend a lot of time watching videos, looking at photos, and listening to speeches the Queen has made so I can emulate her voice, how she stands, walks, and most importantly, the wave. I would love to know how the Queen is able to wave for lengthy periods of time without getting a sore wrist. As I still struggle!’

‘It sounds cliché, but I love meeting people and talking to people. You meet so many interesting people, some who were there the day The Queen got married, or when it was her Coronation. I just love hearing their stories. A lot of the work I do is for charity too which is always very rewarding.

‘I have a huge admiration for the Queen. She’s done an absolutely amazing job being both a monarch and a mother, and I would love to meet her one day. I also think she’s quite the fashion icon and I hope that when I am her age I can still dress to impress.’

Harriet (pictured) says she enjoys meeting people who’ve met the Queen at occasions including her wedding and Coronation 

Harriet (pictured) praises the Queen and admits she would’ve love to have the opportunity to meet her in person

Harriet (pictured) believes the Queen is a fashion icon and hopes that she will also be able to dress to impress as she ages

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