Mass brawl breaks out at gym as men swing punches, dumbbells and pull-up bars

An enraged gym-goer was filmed battering a man with a metal bar as a mass brawl erupted at a fitness centre.

At least two men were seen swinging punches and metal pull-up bars inside Ab Salute gym in Brentwood, Essex, last Wednesday.

Video shows the group running towards the weights station before a voice is heard saying: "F***ing hell man."

A man in a blue top is seen running away from another lad dressed in black who tackles him onto a set of weights.

He is immediately jumped on by a man in a grey top, who is then set upon by two men brandishing metal exercise bars.

One of the men wearing a light coloured top whacks the man on the back with a metal pole as the other man stands poised to join in.

At some point, one man in blue tracksuit bottoms stumbles and falls through the counter as he tries to escape.

A man in light grey utility jacket hits him in the leg with the bar as the gym turns into chaos.

A man wearing cream-coloured top is seen savagely beating another man who is curled into a foetal position.

He kicks the man before striking him across the head as the man on the floor attempts to protect himself.

Ab Salute Gym yesterday released a statement to apologise to all affected customers.

They explained: "Due to the incident that happened last week at our Brentwood gym, we feel the need to explain the following:

"This was an isolated incident which has never happened in any of our 5 establishments in the 10 years we have been open.

"We do not condone violence in any of our gyms and take this very seriously.

"The police are aware and appropriate action is being taken. The individuals concerned have been banned from our gyms for life.

"We do our very best to safeguard all members of the public and our staff across all gyms.

"We are deeply sorry to anyone who witnessed this incident or has been affected by it."

Mirror Online has contacted Essex Police for comment.

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