Stripper discusses ‘weird’ requests from men – including foot fetish desires

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A stripper has opened up about the 'weird requests' she gets from men – including those who want to see her feet.

Enya, who works at Liverpool nightclub Rude, discussed the ins and outs of being a stripper in an exclusive chat with Daily Star.

Talking about whether people judge her over the racy job, Enya admits that it's getting less and less these days.

"I would say I get judged less so the longer I’ve been doing it," she told us.

"I lost a few friends in the first couple of years that just actively didn’t understand why I’d want to be doing what I do.

"But I’m also very open and vocal about what I do and I think that allows people around me to better understand."

Enya says that even if she does face hardship, her co-workers are always there for her though.

"The best part about the job is definitely the girls," she says.

"They really are the best and we’re so lucky to have such a close knit group."

Rude in Liverpool is ran by businesswoman Amy Gwynn, who previously told Daily Star she hopes to "empower" her girls and move away from the industry's "seedy" reputation.

Talking about working at a female-run club, Enya told us: "It's not a normal club.

"I’m a big believer that nice clubs attract nice customers and that definitely follows suit at Rude.

"I’ve never worked anywhere else that has the same ‘family’ bond between all the staff, the girls, the management, the bar staff, everyone."

Despite describing the customers as 'nice', Enya admits she still gets some weird requests from some men.

"I get plenty of weird requests," she admits.

"I'm actually the worst stripper ever to come to with the weird requests because I’m so bad at them, I’ve got dancers feet so I can’t even do the foot fetish guys really.

"I’d definitely say I had my weirder requests when I was a bit younger and working abroad but obscure song requests for the pole are about as wild as it gets for me these days."

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