Remember When Chrissy Teigen Modeled Ed Hardy Bathing Suits?

The downside of keeping up with the latest trends? Having to look back at photos years later when whatever you had on is no longer in style. Many of us are only reminded of those kinda-cringey outfits when we scroll through Facebook (or, when we get flashbacks while reminiscing about The O.C.). Chrissy Teigen, however, was a model in 2010, meaning everything she wore for Miami Swim Week 2011 still circulates the Internet, allowing all of us to revisit whatever she rocked way back when.

That year, Teigen made her way down the runway in teeny string bikinis, snakeskin monokinis, and even a lacey design. One of her coverups included fringe, while another was a pair of hip-hugging shorts (with a belt, of course). She also wore a ton of accessories with her suits, from layered beaded necklaces to a full gray scarf.

Needless to say, it's all quite the throwback — and definitley worth revisiting for yourself. Sorry, Chrissy!

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