Princess Margaret ‘heavy petting’ parties: Friend says ‘I don’t know’ if royal tried drugs

Princess Margaret is a member of the Royal Family famous for her party spirit.

She died on 9 February 2002 aged 71, but stories of her fun and fanciful life live on.

Such tales were revisited in BBC Two’s documentary Princess Margaret: Royal Rebel.

Much of the programme was given over to friends revelling old stories of the fun Princess.

Princess Margaret: Queen Elizabeth’s sister documentary exposes ‘heavy petting’ parties

One interviewee even admitted she was not sure if the Princess had ever tried drugs, although claimed she doubted it.

Lady Anne Glenconner, a friend and lady-in-waiting, said: “There was suddenly this explosion and anything went. People had parties with every type of person there. Drugs of course fuelled a lot of it.

“Not that I’m saying Princess Margaret took drugs, or I never did.”

When pressed on whether the princess did take drugs, Lady Anne said: “I don’t know. I honestly wouldn’t know. I mean, I shouldn’t think so.

“I rather doubt it because we all liked to drink.”

Lady Anne also revealed some rather risqué details about Anne’s legendary, and frequent, parties and the eligible bachelors who were invited to them. The said: “There was a bit of snogging, heavy petting, shall we say, but we didn’t sleep with them…we were far too frightened.”

The firm friend of the late Princess spoke of her in glowing terms, and sweetly described her.

“She was this liberating figure for young women,” said Lady Anne, “there were parties every weekend.”

She was a real night bird, we would end up going out in groups, maybe 400 of you to dance.”

“She loved being the centre of attention and we’d all stand around the piano and she’d play.”

Another interviewee revealed how Princess Margaret had enjoyed some royal nights out in Hollywood.

She said, “They were up ’til 3 am and there was lots of drinking,” adding the Princess was “slightly indisposed” for the rest of the trip.

Princess Margaret’s wedding tiara was incredibly interesting as she bought it for herself, a highly unusual move. 

She married photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, who she met in 1958. They married two years later at Westminster Abbey.

Princess Margaret bought this rather large piece for £5,500 at auction in 1959. The piece originally belonged to Margaret, the wife of the 3rd Baron Poltimore.

It is likely Mary did not buy the tiara for her wedding as she was not engaged when she purchased it and she wore it before the big day.

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