Princess Diana's brother shares a photograph from their childhood

Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer shares adorable childhood photograph of the pair taken in 1967

  • Charles Spencer, 56, paid tribute to Princess Diana with a childhood photo 
  • Posting on Twitter, he shared an image alongside his sister taken in 1967 
  • Photo shows late Princess in a striped dress with Earl in a t-shirt and blue shorts 

Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer has shared a rarely seen photograph from their childhood together taken in 1967.

Charles Spencer, 56, who lives at Althorp House, took to Twitter to share a throwback snap of himself and the Princess of Wales on a summer day in 1967.

Princess Diana can be seen wearing a white dress with pink stripes, coordinated with red sandals and white socks, while Earl Spencer is all smiles, as he dons blue shorts with a contrasting striped blue t-shirt. 

Charles chose not to caption the sentimental post, but racked up hundreds of comments from others who have fond memories of the late Princess. 

Charles Spencer, 56, who lives at Althorp House, took to Twitter to share a sweet photograph with Princess Diana taken during their childhood in 1967 (pictured)

It has been 23 years since Princess Diana died at the age of 36, when the car she was travelling in crashed in a Paris tunnel on August 31, 1997.

Touched by the Earl’s tribute, one person wrote: ‘Thank you for sharing this lovely photo of you and Diana. She will always be remembered for her kindness and compassion. She’s missed so much’

‘Her legacy and influence remains and in fact gets stronger and stronger as years go by. It’s unbelievable how much she is still loves. She showed the way and she is dearly missed by charities. She could move mountains,’ another commented.  

A third added: ‘Thank you for sharing a personal photo. I was a young 20-something back then and Diana brought so much to the world and many times I have thought of her elegant grace and how it is needed now.’  

A stream of responses to the Twitter post praised Earl Spencer for sharing the photo, with many sharing their own memories of the late Princess 

Reflecting, another wrote: ‘A fond memory… I was her doorman once at the London Palladium, there was a brief moment, a few seconds in time, where, as she passed, she gazed into my eyes and smiled and even now I think, so much was said in that moment.’

Earl Spencer’s childhood photograph with his sister previously went unpublished until it was selected to appear in a limited-edition book version of the eulogy he delivered at Diana’s funeral on September 6, 1997 at Westminster Abbey according to PEOPLE.

His post on social media follows the explosive dossier he recently shared with the Mail, as he calls for an inquiry into false claims about Diana made by BBC Panorama journalist Martin Bashir. 

Earl Spencer is urging for journalist Martin Bashir and BBC Panorama to be stripped of their media awards, citing allegations that he made false claims to win Diana’s trust. Pictured: Earl Spencer and Diana at the Birthright Red Ball 

He is petitioning for an apology for his sister and to viewers, as well as for some of the money the BBC made from selling the global rights to the interview to be donated to Diana’s charities. 

Earl Spencer also wants Bashir and Panorama to be stripped of their many media awards.

The BBC has offered to reopen its 1996 inquiry which had admonished Bashir for faking documents but cleared him of any serious wrongdoing.

However, the broadcaster claims it is not possible to question Bashir about the events of 1995 at the moment because he is ‘seriously unwell’ with Covid complications.

But sources have told the Mail the 57-year-old journalist is recovering at home following hospital treatment and is ‘up and about’.

The BBC claims it isn’t possible to question Bashir about the events of 1995 because he is ‘seriously unwell’ with Covid complications. Pictured: Diana kissing her brother

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