Prince Harry has ‘unique’ relationship with Queen and shows ‘a side’ of her rarely seen

Prince Harry: Memorial absence 'a snub to Queen' says Rae

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The Queen has many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Prince Harry being one of them. Her Majesty has a different relationship with everyone in her life – how close have she and Harry been over the years?

According to body language expert Judi James, the Queen’s relationship with Harry “has always looked like a unique one in the royal Firm”.

She claimed Harry brought a side out in Her Majesty that the public don’t often get to see.

Judi continued: “It was Harry always stepping forward with a swift joke to make his ‘granny’ laugh, even at formal events, and it was Harry who allowed us to see his grandmother’s fun side and even her acting skills.

“Like the time he got her to perform in his ‘Boom’ video response to The Obamas’ challenge for the Invictus Games.”

When Harry still lived in the UK, Judi claimed the Duke of Sussex “delighted” his grandmother.

She said: “Harry so clearly delighted the Queen with his presence back before the rifts began, and she appeared to indulge him in public in ways that she never allowed herself to indulge his brother William.

“William is her heir with a sense of responsibility over his head and perhaps that’s why we can see signals of respect that can border on intimidation from him when he is with the Queen in public.

“His grandmother famously appeared to tell him off when he bent to speak to his small children on the balcony once, but we have never seen any sign of her being a ‘boss’-like presence when she is suppressing giggles, sharing a joke, or grinning openly with Harry.”

Judi went on to say that although Harry often seemed to be joking with the Queen, he still showed her the utmost respect.

The body language expert said: “He seemed to manage the skill of showing levels of respect with the Queen, like standing with his hands touching in front of his torso in a gesture of politeness, with an ability to lean in to crack a quick joke before straightening up again just as quickly.

“His body language made him look compliant in his jokes, more like an arch-conspirator than someone just smiling politely.

“In this respect, his body language rituals seemed very similar to those of his grandfather Prince Philip, who seemed to have a similar ability to break through some of the more rigid formality of the Queen’s appearances.”

In this way, Judi compared Harry to his grandfather, but the similarities don’t stop there – Harry, like the Duke of Edinburgh, has also shown many signs of affection towards the Queen in the past.

Judi said: “Both the Queen and Harry would wear signals of open affection that looked totally congruent when they were around one another and it would be difficult to imagine how keenly the Queen must feel the loss of this ‘naughtier’ grandson.

“Someone who she could drop her rather more formal image with and who allowed her to showcase the more fun side of her personality that we are often told lurks behind the public image of duty, tradition, and formality.”

However, Prince Harry will be missing out on seeing his grandmother in the upcoming weeks as he will not be travelling to the UK for Prince Philip’s memorial service.

The Duke of Sussex will not fly back to Britain for the thanksgiving service for the life of the Duke of Edinburgh, which is to take place on March 29 in Westminster Abbey.

Harry is awaiting a court decision on his security while in the UK, but it is not known if this is his decision for not returning to his home country.

Prince Philip died on April 9 last year at the age of 99.

At the time, Harry flew to the UK to attend the Duke’s lockdown funeral at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor.

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