Paris Hilton Is The New Face Of This Luxury Brand

Fans are used to seeing Paris Hilton’s image splashed across magazine covers and in entertainment news across the globe, but the new Lanvin campaign has taken Paris’s image to the next level. Lanvin’s new 2021 Spring Collection features Paris Hilton in a way that nobody has ever seen her before. The fresh-faced heiress trades in her usual pink accents and sparkling glitter for a stunning, natural look, and is virtually unrecognizable.  Fashion United reports that Paris Hilton was incredibly happy with the transformation, and fans of Lanvin, are thrilled to see her image representing the brand. In a truly revolutionary display of haute-couture, Lanvin may have just presented their best advertising campaign to date.

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Fans are thrilled to see Paris Hilton in a new light, and are swarming Lanvin’s social media channels to learn more. In a classic move that lends itself to increased brand awareness, Lanvin has created so much buzz around their label that increased sales are essentially a guarantee.

There was no expense spared when it came to cultivating the concept for this new promotion. Executives at Lanvin brought in the very best in the business to capture the most perfect angles and create the most cutting edge fashion photography moments. Enlisting the best duo in celebrity fashion photography, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, each detail was carefully assembled and perfectly poised.

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Lanvin is beaming with pride over their ability to recreate Paris Hilton’s signature image in a manner that reintroduces her to the world of fashion. Embodying a more sophisticated, elegant look than what she is accustomed to presenting to the world, Hilton is also impressed with the outcome of this project.

Lanvin’s creative director, Bruno Sialelli told Daily Mail that Paris Hilton truly defined an era. He went on to identify her trademark image as lying “in the way she dressed, a lot of sequins, her dog under her arm – she showed a very particular persona in the noughties.” Replacing that image with the refined look of sheer class and cutting edge style, Paris Hilton has just shown her versatility in the world of fashion, and has truly made her mark on the ever-evolving landscape of haute-couture.

“I just felt empowered, elegant, and chic,” said Hilton.

The images are truly breathtaking, and Paris’ natural beauty shines through at every angle. The powerful photographs not only capture the new face of the Lanvin brand, but also the new phase of Paris Hilton’s journey. Oozing classic glamor, and proving to be the brand to beat, Lanvin’s statement is as bold as the heiress on the cover.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Fashion United

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