Ok So, Chlöe is Randomly REALLY Good at Hula Hooping

Not that this is news to anyone who’s seen the “Have Mercy” music video, (if you aren’t familiar yet, I suggest you get acquainted,) but Chlöe is one talented lady. She’s killed it acting, dancing, singing, and taking perfect IG photos. Which begs the question: what can’t this girl do? Well for one, shuffle cards with acrylic nails on. We know this because it’s one of the many random tasks that we made this multi-hyphenate try in our Secret Talent Test! The main goal of this challenge is to uncover the slightly less impressive skills of our favorite stars, (even tho making a paper airplane is just as cool as crushing it on the VMA stage, IMHO.) So we had to see what Chlöe was hiding!

I respect Chlöe’s staunch dedication to trying each new skill we threw at her, because some of them she really mastered. Who knows, maybe she’ll transition into being a professional yo-yo-er /ventriloquist sometime soon. Check out this episode to see what else she was good at!

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