‘Mutant tattoo man’ covered in 70% ink gets new body mod and starts OnlyFans

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Some people take things to the extreme when trying to stand out from the crowd – and mutant tattoo man is no different.

Nicolò Saverino, 29, a contortionist from Italy, has made headlines over the years due to his body modifications.

And now he’s added a new one to the ever-growing collection.

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Nicolò claims he’s so far had 70% of his body tattooed and is looking to one day be 100% covered in ink.

His obsession with body modifications started at the young of 16. Since then, he's had his tongue split in two in a painful procedure, lip stretched and added 13 facial piercings.

Bizarrely, Nicolò even sliced off parts of his ears and kept them in a jar so he can look at them and how he had two horns implanted into his head.

Now to complete his look, he's had his ears modified further to resemble an elf, which he claims is one of his favourite modifications.

"My favourite modifications are my elf ears and forked [split] tongue, which I practised myself using surgical material," Nicolò told NeedToKnow.Online.

All of these modifications have been practised by myself over the years in front of a mirror.

He added: "I also practised my eye tattoos and I've kept them for 10 years with no allergic reaction.”

The contortionist that he sees well despite the eye tattoos and hopes to add other implants in his arms in the future.

While he creates his own modifications, he suggests that others do their research first.

Nicolò loves every tattoo and body modification he’s done and said he wouldn’t change any of them.

He previously explained that he had a difficult upbringing, which is what led him to body modifications.

Sadly his mother wasn’t present in his life and he was instead raised by his grandmother.

The 29-year-old added: “I faced many problems growing up and had to overcome so many obstacles, which also led me to change my appearance.”

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Nicolò doesn’t let people’s negative opinions affect him as he sees the “beauty in horror”.

He enjoys being able to express himself through his physical appearance.

Nicolò’s so proud of his body mods, he likes to show them off on his OnlyFans page.

Currently, subscriptions cost $8 (£7) a month but a subscription bundle means you will get three months of content for 15% off, costing $20.40 (£18) in total.

So far he’s uploaded 57 images and 17 videos to his account, with more to come.


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