Mum’s hack for folding jeans makes you ‘less grumpy’ and ‘doubles your cupboard’

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    A professional homemaker has shared her 'genius' hack for hanging jeans in the wardrobe to make free up some more storage space.

    Natasha Swingler has gained over 3.4million followers on social media from sharing her expertise in folding, organising and gift wrapping on her channel 'Effective Spaces.'

    In her latest video, the mum-of-two, from Victoria, Australia, demonstrated how people can save on closet space by learning a few of her folding techniques.

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    Natasha was seen folding her jeans vertically and then hooking them onto a hanger around the two belt loops on the end of the fold.

    She then folded up the bottom half and placed it on the bar of the clothes hanger – creating a simple and neat look that takes up minimal space.

    But if you don't have any hanging space, Natasha demonstrated how to store jeans on shelves instead.

    She folded her jeans by first laying them on a flat surface and folding both legs upwards at the knees twice and again vertically to make them more compact and easy to store.

    Thousands of Instagram viewers flocked to the comments to praise her for her storage hacks as many claimed they would usually just shove them into a drawer and hope for the best.

    One user wrote: "This is so easy and I can't believe I'd never thought of it before! I've literally dedicated a whole drawer to just balling them up and stuffing them inside."

    Another added: "I've been using your folding techniques for the last year and it's made me less grumpy when laundry day rolls around, not to mention that city living and a premium on space doesn't give us much room for storage.

    "Your techniques have allowed my family of four to pack all of our clothes into one dresser! This is truly so chic and efficient. Pure genius and intelligence."


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