Mum slammed as ‘ridiculous’ for considering divorce because husband voted Tory

As the dust begins to settle on the general election, the divisions caused by the choices in the polling booth have hit far closer to home for one couple.

After Boris Johnson and the Conservatives romped home to victory to keep him in Downing Street, one mum said she was left 'feeling sick to the stomach' by the result.

To make matters worse, it turns out her husband, who she thought shared her political views, had been one of the millions of voters who helped hand him the keys.

In a post on Mumsnet she wrote: "Have always assumed darling husband and I were roughly on the same page politically, but turns out he voted Tory 'because it's best for the economy' (WTF).

"Just had a massive row… I actually cannot get him to acknowledge that by all indicators child poverty and food bank use have skyrocketed under the Tories and things will get even bleaker when the UK 'gets Brexit done'.

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"And let's not even mention climate change. I am terrified and darling husband thinks it's a great result.

"Is this where we part ways??"

After turning to the forum for support, she quickly found many slammed her post and felt the need to give her a lecture in how democracy works.

"Ridiculous," replied one. "I’d be throwing you out if you were trying to enforce your opinions on me.

"He is entitled to an opinion, even if you disagree.

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"Completely unfair, but do him a favour and dump him, so he doesn’t have to put up with this s***."

Another said: "He is entitled to vote for who he likes. I wouldn't fall out with a loved one for expressing a different view to me.

"Surely that is what democracy is about?"

A third simply snapped back: "Pathetic. Grow up."

With the post attracting 400 comments, posts supporting her stance were few and far between.

One defended the mum, writing: "I couldn’t be married to a Tory, much less a shy Tory so you are not being unreasonable but I find it hard to believe his secret Toryness has only just come to light."

Another said: "You are not being unreasonable. I've never knowingly so much as snogged a Tory, never mind married one.

"I couldn't fancy someone who could support policies that damage the most vulnerable in our society. It would be a deal breaker for me."

Would you end a relationship over opposing political views?


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