Mum in stitches as primary school son shares drawing of his ‘superhero’

When a mum was branded a “superhero” by her son, she had to stifle her laughter.

Claire Lowe’s boy drew a sweet picture but accidentally misspelled the caption.

He wrote: "Mummy, you my sooper hore [sic]."

The primary school boy proudly presented his mum with the sketch, explaining: "Mummy you're my super hero!! I think I spelt hero right."

Claire giggled at the rude spelling mistake and replied: "Not quite my son."

The mum also posted a picture of the drawing onto the Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas group on Facebook, where it went viral and garnered 6,200 likes and hundreds of comments.

One commenter said: “Lol. Nearly spat my tea out reading that – brilliant."

Another wrote: “Oh this is just the cutest. Gotta be kept for him to laugh at when he’s older and can fully read and understand it.”

A third remarked: “Please frame this.”

Another joked: “To be fair, if you’re gonna be a hore, it’s definitely best to be a super one!”

And a fifth pointed out: “But what he wanted to say was so lovely!”

This isn't the only child's drawing to go viral in recent months.

Last month, a mum was left in stitches after her son drew a 'venus fly trap' that looks more like genitalia.

Meanwhile, a 'school kid's' rude drawing of dog at the vet made teachers laugh out loud.

And in other news, a child's drawing promoting hand washing sparked backlash as it was mistaken for an X-rated scene.

Kids really do the funniest things!

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