Mum bites sister’s hand during labour as she ‘thought it was a sausage roll’

Giving birth can be one of the most challenging things a person can do in their lifetime – and it can even be fatal.

Trying to balance the fear of delivery, extreme pain and the excitement of welcoming your child into the world would send most of us a little wild.

So, when it comes to labour and delivery the rule is generally to give women a pass on anything weird that a birthing mother says or does.

But, that doesn’t mean that mums can’t share their own bizarre birth stories to give us all a good laugh.

And, over on parenting forum Mumsnet that’s exactly what women have been doing – and one mum said that she was so delirious when birthing her son that she bit her siblings hand.

Apparently, the woman’s sister went to hold her hand in support, but she was so out of it that she thought she was being handed a sausage roll…

The mum explained: "Bit my sisters hand during DS [darling son's] labour. She won't let me live it down.

"I'd had so many drugs and god knows what to numb the pain, wasn't allowed to eat anything as I was high risk for a c-section, was so hungry and I heard someone mention a sausage roll (nobody did apparently) and I thought she was handing it to me to eat."

The mum added: "I was very delirious! She is laughing about it now.

“I feel so awful but AIBU [am I being unreasonable] to think it's not the craziest thing someone has done?"

And, plenty of women joined in to share their weird and wonderful labour stories.

One said: "I was coming round from anaesthetic and was aware of someone gently tapping my cheek.

“I thought it was my DH [darling husband] so I grabbed the hand and kept kissing it. It was the anaesthetist."

"My friend who is one of the calmest people I know tried to bite the midwife during labour,” added another.

And a healthcare worker noted: "I’m a midwife….a woman once punched me in the face so hard mid contraction my glasses flew off my head."

Well, we hope that one was an accident…

Do you have a funny labour story? Tell us in the comments…

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