Miss BumBum winner shows off stunning body as she relaxes on boat in just bikini

Miss BumBum model Caroline Lekker has won the hearts of fans on social media yet again.

The pageant winner scooped the title of the prestigious award in São Paulo, Brazil, back in August.

She impressed the jury by nabbing an eye-watering 138 votes where she beat 15 finalists last month.

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And now the model has turned heads once again, although this time it was on Instagram where she has over 450,000 followers.

Posting on her page on Monday, Caroline wrote: "You are your biggest enemy…

"If you overcome your insecurities, you can overcome any obstacle that is in your life… So beat yourself. This is the way…"

In the photo, the Brazilian sported an orange bikini with her hair down as she wore minimal make-up.

She was holidaying in Mykonos, Greece, when she relaxed on a boat with a bottle of Moët next to her.

The bombshell forgot her shades as she squinted at the camera while covering her eyes with her hand.

But that didn't stop fans from rushing to comment on the photo as it racked up thousands of likes.

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One Instagram fan said: "This is absolutely mazing," while another social media user commented: "You're my fantasy."

And a third admirer gushed: "So beautiful."

In another stunning photo, Caroline rocked a different bikini as she relaxed on the sandy beach on the same island.

And a third holiday snap shows the Miss BumBum champ challenging her beauty as she stood by a monument.

The Playboy model first hit headlines when she revealed she charges £1,400 to test boyfriends' loyalty.

She hopes to catch love rats by sliding into their DMs and exposing their fate to their girlfriends.

And if they don't stray by striking a conversation with her, she returns the money to the ladies.

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