Meet the straight-talking mums who’ve spent fortune on boob jobs, nips and tucks

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Mums Ashley Stobart and Lauren Harris are currently taking the podcast world by storm thanks to their honest account of life as 30-something parents who openly enjoy cosmetic surgery and facial treatments.

The duo launched their first ever podcast last week, entitled “Nip Tuck, Don’t Give a F***” and were stunned when it soared to the top of the download charts as thousands of people listened in to their 'unfiltered' chat, according to Manchester Evening News.

And now the pair want to use their new-found platform to encourage women to be honest about cosmetic treatments they’ve had done – from surgery to fillers.

They think it's better to be honest instead of claiming to "naturally" look a certain way in Instagram photos.

Both the women are open about how much they have spent on cosmetic procedures.

Ashley says she's had £38,000 worth of treatments including her first boob job at the age of 22, liposuction, a nose job and 'bleph job' on her eyelids.

Meanwhile Lauren has spent £25,000 on three different breast enhancement surgeries.

They also both enjoy regular skin and face treatments like botox and fillers.

Ashley, 31, from Hale says: “It’s so important to be honest about what you’ve had done, this isn’t how women come out of the womb, we have had stuff done, we’re not promoting it in any way, but if you are out there posting on Instagram and showing off the assets you bought, I do think you should say ‘yeah I’ve had stuff done’.

“Whether you like it or not, cosmetic treatments are a part of everyday life now and it’s not going to go away.”

She adds: “Being natural doesn’t make you any better than someone else, but being honest does.”

Lauren, 31, from Rawtenstall, added: “People can make their own decisions about cosmetic work, we are not trying to promote it in any way.

“We called the podcast Nip Tuck, Don’t Give a F***, but it’s not just about cosmetic surgery – it’s about women, about mums being brave enough to be open and honest about their lives, challenge stereotypes and tell funny stories.

“To say nobody’s perfect despite how it can sometimes look on Instagram, and to be honest about ourselves.

“We want women to stop feeling bad about themselves – and what’s more damaging is when people look at certain Instagram photos thinking that women look like that naturally.”

The women became friends when they were both working at the same cosmetic surgery clinic in Manchester 10 years ago.

They then went on to become mums around the same time.

Ashley is mum to 2-year-old Saskia, while Lauren’s daughter Thea is 3.

Both the ladies returned to work after maternity leave to continue their careers in the cosmetic surgery industry.

They both have shared experiences of being single working mums, although Ashley recently got married to her millionaire beau, Ed Stobart of the well-known haulage family.

They decided to launch their podcast as a way for to create positives from a negative situation.

The ladies regularly post about their lives on their Instagram feeds, with Ashley having 14.6k followers and Lauren 21.5k followers.

But the friends were gobsmacked to discover that they were the victims of 'toxic gossip' on the website Tattle Life.

This site was set up as a forum for 'commentary and critiques of people that choose to monetise their personal life as a business and release it into the public domain'.

People with anonymous profiles have created entire threads discussing Ashley and Lauren’s private lives – while making completely unfounded and false claims about them.

In order to 'reclaim' the gossip and to bring something positive after the upsetting discovery, the ladies decided to launch a podcast.

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This has allowed them be totally open and honest about their lives and hit back at the anonymous bullies.

Since the podcast went live, Lauren says they've been "blown away by the support" they've received.

She added: "After the trolling and negativity from women I’ve been exposed to, I’ll admit I lost faith in our gender but not any more."

The next podcast, which due to go live in June, will see the girls discuss cheating men and relationships.

Lauren joked that Ashley gets judged for marrying a millionaire while she get looked down on for the men she dates.

She concluded: "It's impossible to win! We just want to say this is us, like it or lump it."

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