Meet Eve Jobs: Daughter of Apple Co-Founder Finding Her Own Success

When most people hear the name Steve Jobs, they think of Apple and its celebrated co-founder who helped start the personal computer revolution, building a company now valued at 2.5 trillion dollars, but to Eve Jobs he was just her father. Now, the youngest daughter of the late Steve Jobs and billionaire investor Laurene Powell-Jobs is proving she is just as ambitious and successful as her parents.

According to Business Insider in the biography “Steve Jobs,” Walter Isaacson describes Jobs as growing up to become “a strong-willed, funny firecracker” who knew how to take on her famous father, even going as far as calling her father’s assistant at work to make sure that she was “put on his calendar.”

When her father passed away in 2011 due to pancreatic cancer, leaving behind a massive multi-billion-dollar estate. Job’s fortune was passed down to his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs, including stakes in Apple and The Walt Disney Company, who has used it for various philanthropic and political endeavors. But, in an interview with The New York Times’ David Gelles, Laurene Powell Jobs revealed that she has dedicated her life to distributing Jobs’ fortune “effectively, in ways that lift up individuals and communities in a sustainable way,” and has no interest in passing her fortune down to her children citing her belief that a massive accumulation of wealth is “dangerous for a society.”

This means that Eve Jobs and her three siblings will have to work hard to build their own wealth if they want to continue to live their élite lifestyle of yachts and luxurious mansions. As for Eve Jobs, that’s exactly what she has been doing.

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She had her modeling debut with Glossier.

Jobs, who is now 23, followed in the footsteps of her parents and graduated this year from prestigious Stanford University after majoring in science technology and society, celebrating the milestone with her 220k Instagram followers, writing “thanks camp Stanford.” Luckily for Jobs, her mother sits on the board of directors for the notoriously selective university.

Her huge Instagram following is usually treated to pictures of her well-lived life complete with lavish holidays and views from her Paris apartment where she studied abroad.

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Her Instagram account also reveals that she is the latest celebrity offspring to try her hand at a modeling career. Jobs solidified her place as an Instagram influencer with her sultry début in Glossier’s new holiday ad campaign. Jobs was joined in the campaign by Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney, and Naomi Smalls who was a runner-up from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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She’s an established equestrian who rivals Bill Gates’ Daughter.

Like many offspring of the rich and famous like Jessica Springsteen (daughter of Bruce Springsteen), Jenifer Gates (Bill Gate’s daughter), and Noah Cyrus (of Billy Ray Cyrus), Eve has made a name for herself in the élite equestrian sphere where she has surpassed her contemporaries.

Jobs says she has ridden horses since she was two and has trained since she was six. Her early start has helped her easily outshined her celebrity child peers. She has won various show jumping competitions in the Hamptons, Lexington, and Kentucky in the US, as well as in Canada and the UK, and has earned thousands of dollars in prize money. Out of 1,000 horse riders under 25 in the world Jobs is ranked number five and has competed all over the globe was named “rider of the month” in March 2017.

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Her family’s money can’t buy her medals, but according to The Daily Mail, it did buy her a luxurious 15.3-million-dollar ranch with a show-jumping training rink and two air-conditioned barns for up to 20 horses where she’ll have plenty of time to train for the 2021 season. Jobs’ Wellington, Florida neighbors include her rivals Jenifer Gates and Jessica Springsteen who also had their wealthy parents purchase them extravagant horse ranches to train for their elite equestrian passion.

She’s dating a well connected musician

Earlier this year, Jobs revealed on Instagram that she is dating singer-songwriter Harry Hudson, a close friend of the Kardashian-Jenner family, according to Cosmopolitan. Hudson has seen success in the folk-rock and pop music scene and was named one of Pandora’s Artists to Watch 2018 on the music streaming service after his single “Yellow Lights” went Top 10 on Spotify’s US Viral Chart.

Even though the tech heiress won’t inherit her father’s billions, her achievement as an accomplished equestrian and her recent debut into the modeling prove probably more than ready to make a name for herself.

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