Man learns what date thinks of him as she accidentally sends text about bra

A singleton found out what his date really thought of him when she sent him a text by mistake.

Kris and his match spent a night together – and soon after she left his place, he received a message that he's not supposed to see.

Calling it a "dating fail", the man shared their awkward conversation on TikTok.

The woman's message to her friend goes: "That's me just leaving his now. I've left my bra so that he has to text me again.

"Haha, I think I'm love ?? How was your night?"

When Kris reads the message, he replies: "Erm my night was really good…I spent it with you! I take it that wasn't for me?"

The woman replies: "Oh my God?? Ignore, ignore, ignore. I'm so embarrassed."

Kris cheekily showed TikTok viewers the bra in question – wearing it on his head for comedic effect.

Many viewers were quick to share their thoughts in the comments.

One said: "This is something I would do…I left my toothbrush on purpose that time."

"It worked though didn't it? You texted her back…smart lass!" a second wrote.

And a third suggested: "Plot twist, the text was actually meant for you and she knew what she was doing all along."

In other news, a woman took to TikTok but to shame her date for sending her a $4 money request after they went on a coffee date.

Katlyn Phipps said she met this man from a dating app called Hinge and recalled that she ordered a "medium coffee".

While they were waiting to meet for the second time, she woke up one day and received an Apple Pay request of $4 (£3).

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