Large Valentine’s Day cards, teddy bears and eating out are apparently ‘common’

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and those of us who celebrate are busy making plans and buying gifts for our loved ones.

And, unless you know your partner wants something specific you wouldn’t go wrong in choosing one of the classics: a card, roses or anything heart-themed.

Or, at least that’s what most of us normal folk think…

An etiquette coach has spoken up and claims that certain Valentine’s Day presents show just how common you are – including something as simple as the card you pick.

William Hanson slammed everything from large cards to teddy bears this week in an interview with the Sun.

Teddy bears

William said: “I don’t love Valentine’s Day because I feel you should be romantic throughout the year.

“Teddy bears that you’ve had since childhood are ok, but if it was bought for you recently, we are in the danger zone when it comes to bad taste.”

Large cards

According to the etiquette pro, the bigger the card “the tackier the person”. Yikes.

He believes that normal cards are OK, but you should steer clear of super sized ones.

Would you take his tip and size down?

Going out for dinner

The posh pro even states that you should avoid eating out on February 14 because it’s overpriced and forced.

We have to say we agree with him on that one…

So what should you buy?

Well, William said that roses are a top choice.

He commented: “I don’t think they are that tacky, even a single red rose is something straightforward and simple.

“I actually think it is quite smart and minimal.”

Personally, we’d opt for a romantic weekend away at one of our favourite romantic UK hotels.

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