Lad's optical illusions will leave you scratching your head with this incredible video

TWO lads have baffled the world with a series of mind-boggling optical illusions which have gone viral online.

Software engineer Kevin Lustgarten along with his pal Alejandro Benzaquen posted the videos to YouTube and have stumped their audience in the process.

Some clips show Kevin doing push-ups in the middle of a busy road under moving cars while another shows him moving a hole on the golf course with his foot.

The mind-bending illusions have left viewers scratching their heads as people desperately try and figure out how the Venezuelan filmmakers did it.

It's not clear how they've created the illusions – whether it's camera trickery, very clever editing or some combination of the two.

One social media user commented on the video and asked why the pair were not getting more recognition for their incredible camera skills.

In one of the clips, perplexed viewers sees Benzaquen and Lustgarten rolling down a hill before one of them completely rolls over the other – making him disappear.

Kevin also shared a video which showed him throwing a banana on to the table before it turns into crisps before our eyes.

Another baffling clips shows Kevin switching his phone to airplane mode before throwing it – where it turns into a paper plane in mid-air.

YouTube viewer Donut Operator said: “Dang buddy, that’s some awesome editing!”

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