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WHILE cleaning windows can be a chore, our Karcher Window Vac review shows it might not be as hard to get sparkling windows as you think.

One of the most common grievances we have when cleaning windows is how to eliminate the streaks left behind at the end.

Enter: the Karcher Window Vac, which is designed to eliminate streaks as you clean, so you’re left with nothing but gleaming glass.

Plus, when the weather is cold and condensation starts building up on the inside of your windows and car windscreens, the Karcher Window Vac is on hand to help mop up the moisture.

  • Karcher Window Vac, from £44.99 – buy here

Rating: 5/5


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Good for cleaning condensation
  • Works on showers


  • More expensive than rolled-up newspaper!

Karcher Window Vac review

  • Karcher Window Vac, from £44.99 – buy here

If you like to have shiny windows year-round, you already know it takes a fair amount of work.

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So it’s doubly annoying when after wiping away, you’re left with unseemly water streaks on your glass.

The Karcher Window Vac range was designed to reduce this problem.

We gave our balcony windows a couple of cleans and mopped up the excess moisture with the Karcher WV 5 Plus N, saving us a fair bit of time with the microfibre cloth/balled-up newspaper we’re used to.

For a truly streak-free clean, you’ll still need to use a cloth/paper when you’re done, but it’s less work than before.

When you're done cleaning, it's easy to empty the water tank without getting mucky and, if you manage to fill it up, you can be back to work in no time.


The Karcher Window Vac really comes into its own when dealing with condensation.

We’ve all been there: waking up in the morning to see our bedroom window is dripping wet on the inside thanks to a drop in temperature.

Thankfully, the Karcher Window Vac makes short work of condensation and reviewers from around the web reckon it will help keep windows dry for multiple days.

Even if you were using the Window Vac daily, it’s not a time-consuming process, so it’s well worth your while.

The Window Vac can also be used to mop up the condensation on the inside of car windscreens, meaning you can get away faster on cold mornings.


  • Karcher Window Vac, from £44.99 – buy here

No one likes having their shower screen covered in mucky limescale and the Karcher can be used to deal with this effectively.

Simply give your shower screen a once over with the Karcher after each use and massively reduce the amount of time you have to spend cleaning it to keep it shining.


The Karcher Window Vac is lightweight (600g) and users around the web praised this quality as it allowed those with arthritic wrists to still use the device without much discomfort.

Battery life

Karcher say the WV 2 Plus that we reviewed will last 35 minutes and that sounds about right based on our testing.

That's plenty to give everything a once over even on the biggest windows. You could quite easily go multiple days without charging.

Karcher Window Vac: The verdict

  • Karcher Window Vac, from £44.99 – buy here

The versatility of the Karcher Window Vac is what impressed us most. Not only will it help you keep your windows streak-free and shiny, but it can also be used to remove condensation and keep your shower screen clear of limescale.

If you really want, you can use it to clean up small spills around the house as well.

If you regularly clean a lot of windows this will make a big difference to your life and should save you a fair amount of wiping streaks away with a cloth.

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And it’ll help reduce moisture in your rooms if you suffer with condensation.

It’s a winner from us.

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