Julia Roberts and George Clooney on Why They Never Dated in Real Life

The co-stars of "Ticket to Paradise" sat down to talk about their long friendship, favorite things about one another and George's "jiggle."

Julia Roberts and George Clooney have such an easy and charming friendship, they can liven up any interview, which is exactly what they’re doing with each stop on their “Ticket to Paradise” press tour.

In one unedited interview posted to Access Online’s YouTube page, the entire conversation was filled with so much heart and laughter, you can’t help but smile while watching. Truthfully, we could listen to them just talk and reminisce unscripted for days.

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Don’t get us wrong, they’re great on the silver screen together. But there’s a magic in their chemistry when they’re just making the rounds and talking to people that can make even the most mundane conversations delightful.

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They even talked about that in this chat. When asked if there was anything in life they held back, both agreed that they live life to the fullest. Well, George tried to joke that he’s going to hold everything back until he’s too old and with a walker to do anything.

Julie countered that he’s a “live-er,” to which he quickly joked. “What’s left of it.” It’s appropriate that they were each given a cocktail to start the interview.

This was so the interviewer could talk about the way George holds a glass of alcohol in his films, giving it a little shake … only that’s not the word she used to describe it. Instead, she confused everyone by asking if they could talk about George’s “jiggle.”

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“I think you should rephrase that,” he shot back.

“Because when you said that,” Julia quickly continued, “I was like, ‘Should we be talking about this on TV?'”

“Well, you get a little old, you get a little loose, you know what I’m saying?” George laughed, before clarifying that it’s a “shake,” while demonstrating his technique.

There were so many fun little moments and memories shared between the two, including a rapid-fire section where they talked about the first thing they noticed about one another. Obviously, George noticed Julia’s famous laugh first, while she noticed his gentleness.

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There’s so much affection and ease between the two of them, the interviewer asked if they’d ever enacted a no-dating policy between them.

“To not date each other? I don’t think we needed to state it,” Julia replied. “It just seemed the right thing to do.”

“She was always in a relationship or I was in a relationship and we were fast friends right away,” George agreed. “So, it was nothing but– It’s been nothing but fun for us. So I don’t think it was ever really a thing.”

Obviously, there’s magic and so much affection in the long friendship they’ve built. The only evidence you need to see is how much love and laughter there is in each and every interview of these long press tours. They never tire of being together, and they keep each other laughing the whole way through.

“Ticket to Paradise,” starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney, comes to theaters on October 21.

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