I'm 36 and a gran-of-two – I got pregnant at 14 and didn’t want the same for my kids, then I was a nan by 31 | The Sun

SHE became a mother herself at the tender age of just 14.

So when it came to raising her kids, Amber Boone did her utmost to discourage them from starting a family young.

However, her attempts failed – as her daughter had her first child aged 17, making Amber a grandmother at 31.

She revealed her family's backstory in a TikTok video, as she responded to someone who said she looked a decade younger than she actually was.

"Don’t gas me up. 27? Really?" she grinned.

"I’m 36 years old.

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"That’s still young to have grandchildren but I do have two grand babies because I started young.

"I had my first daughter at 14, I had another child at 17 and as much as I tried to teach my children not to have children young, my daughter still went on to have a child at 17 and had another one at 19.

"Making me a 36-year-old grandmother who apparently looks 27!"

"I had mine at 19," one person commented on the video.

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"I swear to God if I'm a grandma before 40 I'm gonna flip everything over!"

To which Amber replied: "Man listen.

"I refused to be called grandma for the first 2 years but when baby girl said it, it was music to my ears.

"Grand babies change you."

"Sis I ain’t gonna lie, I thought you were 25!!! Congratulations to you, you rocking mom and grandma!!!" another added.

"I had a baby at 14 and I'm a grandma at 37," someone else commented.

With Amber replying: "We're in the same boat."

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"I’m 39 with 7 grandbabies and wouldn’t trade them for anything," another agreed.

"Grand babies are the best thing everrrrrr," Amber responded.

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