Jane Fonda on Her Close Encounter with Kim Kardashian's Butt, Skinny-Dipping with Michael Jackson

When Fonda found herself up close and personal with the reality star’s most famous asset, she just had to say something about it!

In her 82 years on this planet, Jane Fonda has lived enough life for generations of people, surrounded by celebrities and always with a sharp focus on activism and the continuing hope that we have the capacity to be better.

The iconic actress dropped by Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” virtual clubhouse on Thursday where she dropped an intriguing bombshell about her relationship with the late Michael Jackson, and a hilarious close encounter with Kim Kardashian’s most famous asset.

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Fonda also reacted to the recent reemergence of one of her more passionate speeches about gay rights from the 1960s resurfacing and again making the rounds on Twitter.

“I’m glad, I like it,” she told Cohen. “Because what I said is what I’m saying now. You can’t do anything individually. We have to come together.”

She then said that part of the problem in this country is that all of our causes get separated into “silos,” with one for women, one for gay and lesbian issues, one for climate change and so on.

“We have to get rid of those silos and join together in huge numbers to make this world right,” she said. “I knew it then and I know it now.”

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She also talked about how well she knew Michael Jackson, though she was a little unclear on when she knew him best, telling Cohen that it was “around the time he made ‘Bad,’ and “it was before ‘Thriller.'”

She seemed to have her timeline flipped, as “Thriller” came out in 1982 followed by “Bad’ five years later in 1987. She did say that he spent a week living with her while she filmed “On Golden Pond,” which came out in 1981.

“I found him touching, a very interesting character,” Fonda said. “I knew him well.”

In fact, she knew him very well indeed, sharing a bit later, “I skinny-dipped with him, how about that?” she laughed. “Put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

Cohen did just that with a “wow” and a smirk, but absolutely no follow-up questions? She lived with him for a week and they clearly got pretty comfortable with one another. You seriously have no questions about any of this, Andy?

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Since Cohen wasn’t going to ask her any follow-up questions to really dig into her answers to his silly rapid-fire games, Jane stopped to share a story with him regardless, and it was utterly hilarious.

He was running down a list of people to see who she has and hasn’t met and when he got to Kim Kardashian, Fonda shared that they’d chatted at the same manicurist’s, calling Kim “just one of the gals.”

But then, she decided to share a story of another rather unique encounter she had with Kim, and boy are we glad she did because it is so innocent, so sweet, so funny and just so perfect in every way!

She set up the story with her sitting on the floor with Gladys Knight at a Clive Davis Grammy party. “I turned around to get up and right in my face was this shape,” Fonda said.

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She then mimicked the incredibly curvaceous hourglass figure that was before, adding, I thought, ‘That is the most amazing behind I have ever seen.’ And of course it was Kim Kardashian.'”

Surprising absolutely no one, Fonda told Cohen plainly, “And so I told her, ‘I’ve just been staring at your behind and it’s beautiful.’”

As for Kim’s response, all Fonda said was that she was “very sweet.”

Fonda also spoke about her passionate commitment to combating climate change, with some advice on how you can talk to a climate change denier by figuring out how to connect the issue with their interests and passions. You can check that out below:

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