‘I’m never having kids – people who have children do nothing but complain’

A woman has said she's never planning on having kids because 'all people who have children do is complain about them'.

Lorella Palmer, 22, from Erith, South East London, also said kids are 'messy and expensive' and she hates their TV shows.

The entrepreneur, who has been with her boyfriend, Callum Page, 23, for four-and-a-half years, instead wants to focus on growing her two businesses.

She says she's 'selfish' and 'wouldn't have the capacity' to give the kids the attention they need.

Lorella says her boyfriend is supportive of her decision not to have children – and says she is tired of mums who criticise her choice.

She said: "I just don't want to have kids. I've given all these reasons, but at the end of the day, saying you don't want to have kids should be enough.

"Why would I want to push something out and expand my stomach and everything else on me that's just going to change?

"My friends are supportive of my decision, but some have said to just give it time and I'll change my mind. What if I don't?

"Kids are just annoying, they annoy me, in every sense of the word. They have no common sense, they can't drink, they have to go to bed early, they scream, they cry, they annoy me.

"Having children would definitely be the lowest priority in my life. I don't need children to feel fulfilled."

Lorella's main reason for not having children is that she considers herself 'selfish' in that she enjoys her own time, money and freedom that comes from not having kids.

She added: "I think that a lot of people aren't happy to admit that they are selfish, and then they have kids and do nothing but complain.

"When I say I'm selfish, I mean that I enjoy my own sleep, my own time and my own money, and kids take all of that away.

"Unless you're willing to give that all away, because kids deserve everything if you decide to bring them onto the planet, you shouldn't have them.

"I'm not prepared to give all my sleep, time and energy away, or my money."

Despite many of her friends being supportive, Lorella said her dad wants her to have kids, as she is his only daughter and the 'only chance he has to be a grandad'.

"I'm my dad's only daughter, and he has said that he wants to be a granddad and I'm the only chance he's got to have that.

Lorella graduated from the University of Portsmouth last year with a degree in law and is currently growing two of her own businesses as an agent for social media influencers.

She says she'd prefer to spend her money on travelling and on herself than spending it on raising children.

Lorella added: "Kids are expensive. I know what it's like to grow up quite poor and I'd rather go on holiday than pay for a kid."

Her boyfriend Callum, who also graduated university, added: "I agree with Lorella about not wanting children right now.

"We are both very good at communicating what we both want at this point in our lives and we know we want to travel and do exciting things."

Lorella's comments come after the latest census for England and Wales showed that the number of under fives fell by 7.6% between 2011 and 2021.

The figures have sparked a debate, with one demographer suggesting the government should introduce a 'negative child benefit' to tax the childless.


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