I’m feeling so fed up of women knocking me back – I'm desperate for a relationship | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: WOMEN always knock me back. I can’t find a relationship with anyone.

I’m a guy of 27. All my female colleagues are a lot older and all they do is moan about work.

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I got on well with my girlfriend at university but she always told me she wanted to wait for sex.

I went along with it but she dumped me and married someone else within six months.

Then there was a girl from school who had an OnlyFans account.

I joined, messaged her and she replied – but after lending her hundreds of pounds, I realised she was only after my money.

The last girl I tried to have a relationship with was a friend on Facebook.

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She was unemployed, so I sent her a job link and she replied with lots of heart emojis.

I’ve asked her out but she says she’s not looking for a relationship. I’m feeling so fed up.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It is always best to try to find a relationship through a mutual interest.

That way, you know you like the same things and have something in common, enabling the conversation to flow.

Don’t go out on a mission to find a girlfriend – find a friend first.


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