‘I was terrified to see ghosts as a kid but now I help people talk to the dead’

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While Halloween may be over, all things spooky have not left some people alone.

Erika Gabriel, from the United States, is a spiritual medium and claims to have been able to speak to ghosts since she was a child.

And, for the last 13 years she’s been helping families to connect with their loved ones on the other side – a place she calls “Spirit”.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Erika said: “I was born a medium, I’ve always been a medium, I started noticing things were different, at around the age of 7, but I didn’t really know what it was.

“I was an overwhelmed and terrified kid, I slept on my parents floor because I didn’t want to be alone because I thought I was being haunted and I thought there were scary ghosts everywhere.”

But, now she works with people to content their children, partners, siblings and parents from beyond the veil.

And, Erika spoke with the Daily Star to share some of the most emotional readings she’s ever conducted.

Erika said: “Mysterious deaths are really emotional, I had one woman who’s brother had died and they didn’t know what had happened.

“They found him floating weeks later in a river and when I read for her it had been around 20 years and they had never found anything, but what was amazing was that he came through and he was the nicest guy.

“He showed me that they were standing by the river and that he got in a fight with two guys over money and he was murdered right then and there.

“What was amazing is that she said they found his wallet right by the edge of the river and she was able to confirm all the details.”

In another case, Erika spoke with a woman whose husband had passed.

She explained: “I was reading for a lovely teacher, her husband had died, it was so sad, she had three children, and her husband in Spirit kept on telling me to ask her to wear the heart necklace.

“She said he never gave me a heart necklace.

“He was dangling this heart necklace and saying she had to wear it, and she wasn’t getting it, but I know what he was showing me.

“And, then she got it and burst into tears and her new boyfriend had given her a heart necklace. He was saying its OK, its OK to move on.”

And, the medium has even helped families to heal after a loss.

Erika commented: “For me, the most emotional thing for me is a parent losing a child, it’s so sad, it can be very traumatic.

“And, in this day and age a lot of people are dying from overdose so a lot of parents are wondering if it was a suicide or an accident.

“In those cases, parents want to blame themselves but the amazing thing is connecting with that soul after they have crossed over and being given certain information.”

Erika also wants people to know that their family is around them a lot of the time.

She said: “When I work with someone, your angels and your loved ones who have crossed over, ancestors, spirit guides, are not with me they’re with you.

“So when I give someone a reading you’re giving me permission to tune into what’s already there for you because you’re already connected to Spirit without me.

“I don’t conjure anything up, or yank it down, or pull it towards us, I just listen in with your permission. “

Spiritual Medium and Host of the Podcast You are Not Alone, Erika Gabriel. Erika is launching a 5-Week course on Unlocking Your Intuition & Meet Your Spirit Guide.

For more information on her upcoming online course, you can follow her on Instagram @spiritualmediumerika or visit www.https://erikagabriel.com

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