I don't know if I believe my girlfriend when she says her marriage is over

DEAR DEIDRE: I BELIEVED my girlfriend when she told me her marriage was over.

But as soon as her husband’s work abroad finished, she left me and went home to him.

I feel like such a mug. She is 28 and I’m 34. We started our affair two years ago and she always confided in me about how unhappy she was.

So when her husband got work in the Middle East on a building contract a year ago, I invited her to live with me.

She came and went for the first couple of months before moving in properly over the summer.

We tried to keep our relationship a secret to give ourselves time but her family found out and put huge pressure on her to finish with me.

She reassured me she would never leave. But the moment her husband touched down in the UK, she went running back.

I consider myself to be an intuitive man but she gave me no warning and now won’t answer my calls.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Rejection is painful but it is always risky to get involved with somebody who is married.

Some families find divorce very difficult to accept but if there is hope for her marriage, she is right to try to make it work. Best accept that and wish her well, hoping things change.

If you think she might yet leave him again, this time for good, tell her you will be there for her but set a limit – say six months – and be clear you will move on.

My support pack Mend Your Broken Heart will help.

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