Hot mum inundated by DMs from 18-year-olds wanting her to be their ‘sugar mummy’

A ‘hot’ mum has revealed that she gets ‘daily’ messages from 18-year-old boys asking if she can be their ‘sugar momma.’

Blonde bombshell Jen Ferguson is no stranger to getting unwanted attention, after she previously was branded ‘inappropriate’ for her revealing clothing and for showing cleavage as a mum.

This time round the 30-year-old mother has shared in a TikTok video that she has taken the fancy of younger men.

In the clip that has racked up 162,000 views, Jen can be seen in a barely buttoned up white blouse and a black mini skirt lip synching over a song with the lyrics “put some respect on my name".

The glamorous mum wrote in the video: “When I get daily DM’s from 18-year-old boys asking me to be their 'sugar momma'.”

But Jen shared in the comments that she is not fussed about being a sugar mummy for anyone – and prefers older men.

Despite Jen being engaged and saying that she will not be a sugar mama for anyone, adoring fans in the comments kept begging for her approval.

One person gushed: “Oof! Can you be my sugar mama too?!”

Another fan swooned: “Absolutely gorgeous.”

A third user voiced: “What about 20.”

Someone else remarked: “You are very hot , the young boys u got their hormones going crazy wish and hoping.”

And, a fifth person expressed: “She is engaged guys… cause I done tried.”

You can follow Jen on TikTok here and Instagram here.

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