Hilarious retro snaps reveal VERY carefree approaches to parenting

No helicopter parenting here! Hilarious retro snaps reveal VERY carefree approaches raising children – from hitting the booze young to reading Playboy as a family

  • Spotlight collated vintage snaps that show how parenting has changed with time
  • Among the photos includes parents gladly sharing alcohol with young children
  • Elsewhere, young kids can be seen getting dangerously close to wild animals  

From drinking alcohol at any age to getting dangerously close to killer animals, these vintage snaps reveal what life was really like for parents before health and safety became a concern.

Spotlight has rounded up a selection of the most shocking photographs from around the world that have gone viral for showing the startling differences in how parenting has changed throughout the years. 

Among the most outrageous images include children getting drunk on alcohol while their father enjoys a night of playing card games, and a family gathered to look at x-rated magazine, Playboy.

Here Femail reveals the parenting moments that would leave today’s doting mums and dads horrified.  

Spotlight has rounded up a selection of vintage photographs that demonstrate how parenting has changed throughout the decades – including a snap of children drinking alcohol while their fathers gamble 

Here kitty kitty! One photo shows a child at a park in Thailand sitting unbelievably close to a tiger 

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Another snap shows parents proudly introducing their teenage sons to adult entertainment magazine, Playboy

Just keep paddling! A couple in the 1930s were photographed using fishing rods to teach their children to swim in a lake 

One person contributed a photograph of himself as a child in 1958 lighting a cigar 

Another photograph shows a child visiting a zoo in the 1970s, blissfully unaware of the dangers of black bears as she climbs over the railings 

Avoid the speed bumps! A vintage snaps shows a child in the 1950s sat in the front of their parents’ car with a homemade car seat

Parents who enjoy smoking had a tray filled with cigarette butts next to their child’s birthday cake, while one continued puffing on a cigar

Another retro photograph shows parents ice-skating with their baby sitting in a homemade carrier in 1937

Safety first! A newspaper cutting shows an advert for straps to prevent children from disturbing drivers 

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