Hi Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Week Is Here

What’s happening: Tonight, the Moon is in earthy, sensual Taurus, starting the weekend off with a calm vibe. On Saturday, fiery Mars harmonizes with Saturn, and on Monday….*dun dun dun* Mercury Retrograde officially begins in the sign of Libra!

The Sun harmonizes with Saturn on Wednesday, giving you patience and a stronger sense of determination. At the same time, Venus and Neptune connect and create a dreamy, romantic atmosphere. Finally, on Thursday, Venus and Jupiter square off, which sending tons of action your way!

What that means for you:


So, here’s the bad news: Mercury Retrograde is stirring up all kinds of drama in your chart’s relationships zone. Watch out for exes acting shady, and make sure you’re working really hard to avoid miscommunications with your boo. Better news: Saturn is giving you determination to work through any problems, clarity of mind to communicate efficiently, and maturity to find the right solutions. Also, Thursday’s sexy, steamy, erotic astro is perf for having an amazing time in bed. Have fun!


Work’s kicking your butt all weekend, but come Wednesday, you’re finding tons of extra time to fool around with your boo. If romance is your thing, it’s also the perf time for date night, bc Neptune’s dreamy influence makes you more emotional (in a nice way!) and open to connecting on a deep level. Thursday’s astro-weather is action-packed, so if you’re looking for a fire hookup or want to spice up life in the bedroom, wild out a little bit.


Tonight’s Taurus Moon is making you feel pretty emo, and the impending Mercury Retrograde is a biiiig red flag that ex-flames will come back around this weekend. Be prepared to have some tough talks or awkward interactions. The end of the week, though, is much nicer. The stars are urging you to try something (or someone 😏) new in bed, so whether you’re just picking up some new lingerie with your long-term boo or getting hot and heavy with your latest Tinder match, you can bet on having an unforgettable time. Just remember to be safe!


This weekend isn’t the sexiest, but there’s a ton of erotic, intimate astro-weather lighting up your chart right now. Hooking up is almost guaranteed to lead to catching feelings, but if you’re happily boo’d up, this is a spectacular time to experiment in bed and connect on a very deep level. If you’re single and ready to mingle, I suggest opening up the dating apps at the end of the week—there are tons of hotties literally lining up to see you!


Pls turn on “Bootylicious” right now bc Leo, can you handle it? I don’t think you can handle it! This is some seriously sexy astro-weather. If you’re looking for love (or just a good time), Mars in Libra is giving you the confidence and enthusiasm necessary for making exciting new connections. Whether you’re (safely) going to the bar (mask up!!!) or just swiping through dating apps, shoot your shot! Just double-check that “hey wyd tonight” text before you hit send—Mercury Retrograde could make you mix up your words!


That cutie at the office is looking your way, Virgo, and they like what they see! You’re in an especially romantic mood this week, and if you don’t already have a coworker crush, you might start catching feels for someone on the job. It’s a good thing that you’re getting butterflies at the office though, because it looks like you’re gonna be clocked in aaaaalllllll week long. Sorry!


You are 110% ~in the mood~ this week, Libra! Your sex drive? Sky high. Your personality? More charismatic than ever! Your fav pickup lines? Not going so well, unfortunately. You can blame Mercury Retrograde for that. Don’t stress, though! Use your classic Libra charm to play off any miscommunications as a joke, or make the other person laugh it off when you unintentionally ghost them for the 8th time this week. Oh, and one more thing—Mercury Retrograde is bringing exes back around, so keep your eyes peeled!


Libra season tends to put you in a pretty meh mood, but this week’s astro-weather is helping lift your spirits. Venus in your sign plus this weekend’s Taurus Moon is amazing for connecting with others—whether it’s your boo or a new cutie—and having a more sensual, lovely time in bed. Outside of the bedroom, there’s loads of romantic potential on Wednesday. Schedule a first date or a night out with bae, and you won’t regret it!


This upcoming week is just alright. You’re not working much, and you’re seeing friends, but you’re not getting much action in your love life. Things heat up a little bit in the middle of the week, JSYK, you a friend of yours might be trying to become a FWB. If you’re interested, go for it! But make sure you tell them exactly what you want from the encounter. If you’re just feeling horned up and want a one-time thing, great. But if you feel like you want something more, let them know beforehand, so you can avoid unnecessary dramz.


The Taurus Moon this weekend is making you feel luckier with your love life, and the boost to your mood is helping you come off as even more charming and attractive. Basically, it’s an amazing time for having really, really good sex. It looks like you’re starting to crush hard on someone this week, too. Opening up is tough for you, but if you’re single, Wednesday’s a great day to shoot your shot. Just remember that it’s Mercury Retrograde, so try to take things slow!


You have really, really high expectations for the people you get romantically/sexually involved with. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But this week’s pushing you to set more realistic standards. Try considering potential suitors who aren’t interested in all the things you’re interested in, or aren’t really your usual “type.” As a matter of fact, you could experience a ton of newness and excitement in your love life right now, if you just keep an open mind.


If you’ve been crushing on someone, or feeling like you’re ready to upgrade your current relationship, this weekend’s the perfect time to tell ‘em how you feel—just start The Talk before Monday, when Mercury Retrograde officially begins. Focus on your deep, intimate relationships as much as you can this week, Pisces. Libra season is perf for strengthening these important bonds and adding a ton of structure and security to your love life. The thing is, this damn retrograde is notorious for bringing exes back into your life. Don’t be afraid to tap that block button!

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