Here’s How Elizabeth Banks Earns And Spends Her $50 Million Fortune

American actress, producer and director Elizabeth Banks amassed her $50 million net worth from her roles in movies as well as producing movie franchises. The actress most famous for her appearances in the movies such as The Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect, Definitely Maybe and Lego Movie franchises, Zack and Miri Make a Porno. As a producer and director, she has done the Pitch Perfect franchise and the Charlie’s Angels reboot in 2019.

Elizabeth Banks was born Elizabeth Irene Mitchell in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in February of 1974. Banks told the press herself that she grew up with the Irish + WASP + Catholic extraction and eventually graduating as magna cum laude from University of Pennsylvania a degree on communications and concentration in theater arts. Then in the year 1998, she earned her master’s degree from American Conservatory Theater in fine arts. From there she has joined the show business and has been enjoying a successful career since, listed below are her money makers as well as her big purchases.

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7 Earn: Movie Career

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With Elizabeth Banks successful career, it is not surprising that she gets paid enormous amount of money for the projects she signs in. Thanks to her breakthrough role in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man in 2002 playing as the secretary of the cantankerous newspaper tycoon, Betty Brant, she is currently enjoying a smooth sailing career. It was reported that she earns about $4.75 million per year on her movies. For her reprising role as Effie Trinket, she got paid $2.5 million for doing The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. She also reportedly received $2.9 million for her role in Magic Mike XXL, she also received another $1.1 million for her role in The Lego Movie and $1 million for Every Secret Thing.

6 Spend: Buying A Home in Studio City

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In 2007, just five years after Banks got her breakthrough role, she seems to be banking on her career as she reportedly bought a property. Banks and her husband, Max, decided to buy a home located in Studio City, California. The property has a total of 3,230 square feet with four bedrooms and three and a half bathroom. The estate is an acre near the Wilacre Park which makes the most out of the property’s space. The 1940s Midcentury estate has a detached media lounge and a stunning pool house which the couple bought for $1.625 million. However after just 13 years of owning the property, the couple decided to sell it for $2.4 million in May 2020.

5 Earn: Producing Different Movies Through Brownstone Productions

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Banks also ventured into producing and has put up her own production company called Brownstone Productions and has hit her most successful movie franchise ever, Pitch Perfect. As the movie producer, she is the big winner as the movie Pitch Perfect released on September 28, 2012 grossed $116,044,347, Pitch Perfect 2 released on May 15, 2015 grossed $287,215,196 in the box office and Pitch Perfect 3 released on December 22, 2017 grossed $185,736,412 in the box office. The movie Pitch Perfect 2 even grossed $69 million on its opening weekend alone.

4 Spend: Wine Company

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Elizabeth Banks decided to purchase half of the wine company, Archer Roose, after having a sip of it. The Emmy-nominated actress appeared on an ad for the wine brand and decided that she wants to be part of it so bought half of its equity. What inspired the actor and producer to buy the half of Archer Roose is the ease, accessibility and value of the wine company at the moment. The company is a Boston-based wine producer that currently produces one of the most premium canned wines in the market.


3 Spend: Upgrading Home In A Major Way

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With the money she makes from her movies, it is not surprising that she upgrades her way of living. Well, she just upgraded her Los Angeles home in a major way. The actress has bought a 6,218-square-foot mansion located on Sherman Oaks. The home she purchased in 2018 has five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms which she bought for a little less than $7 million. It was reported that it took about two years before she finally closed the deal on the house as it was listed on and off on the market for a few times.

2 Earn: Endorsements and Instagram Posts

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Elizabeth Banks knows how to use her fame as she signs different contracts for brand endorsement deals. She has been a long time endorser of different brands and has appeared on different TV commercials for prominent brands such as Old Navy, L’Oreal Paris, and a lot more. She is also quite active on the social media especially Instagram under the username @elizabethbanks. With about 3 million followers, it was reported that she earns an average of $5,599.5 – $9,332.5 for every brand or sponsored post she makes.

1 Spend: Donations To Charities

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Contrary to the roles she sometimes plays as a villain, Banks has a very kind heart as she donates to numerous charities. Through the years, she has supported and donated different charities for different causes. The Hunger Games actress is a quite a philanthropist with affiliation to a lot of charitable organizations such as LA’s Best, Milk+Bookies, Malaria No More, Stand Up To Cancer and Stand Up To Cancer.

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