Grandmother ‘knocked out’ after stripper’s pole snaps and he falls into audience

A stripper broke his leg and knocked a grandmother out cold after his pole broke and he fell into the audience during a Dreamboys show.

Lewis Riches was performing a raunchy routine at the For Your Eyes Only club in Shoreditch, London, on Saturday night when his 20 foot pole snapped and clocked a 75-year-old woman in the head.

Dad-of-two Mr Riches, 32, broke his leg in two places during the incident while the pensioner, who was on a hen party and watching from the second row, was rushed to hospital.

"They both lay on the floor motionless. It was terrifying because they both looked dead. Lots of the crowd were in tears at the trauma of it all,” a witness told The Sun.

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“The lady was in the second row and we were in the row behind. The stripper jumped on to the pole — but it ripped out the ceiling.

“The guy and the pole both came crashing to earth and hit the woman bang on the head.”

The elderly woman was out celebrating her granddaughter's upcoming wedding and was put in a neck brace by paramedics after suffering a head injury and concussion.

The show, meanwhile, was forced to be brought to a halt just minutes after it began, with audience members quickly ushered towards the bar.

A club goer told the Daily Mail many people were unaware of what had actually happened as they were moved away from the stage.

"It was not clear [if the elderly woman] had broken her neck or had a heart attack, but the paramedics had her in a neck brace and had to use defibrillators," she explained.

"Although we left 40 minutes later, neither party moved again and the screaming and crying didn't stop. It was traumatic for all involved."

Janine Scutt, also at the show for a hen party, described the dancer's leg as looking "like it was bent backwards" after his fall, while he appeared to have "hurt his face" from landing on a metal bar that runs around the edge of the stage.

"The injured man was more concerned about the audience than himself, even though he was clearly in agony," she added.

Other people said the audience was left "watching the drama unfold" from their seats, before being told to leave "in small groups".

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Kerry Hilliard said: "He literally ran across the stage to swing on the pole and it ripped clear off the ceiling!

"At first I thought it was part of the performance but I quickly realised that it had all gone horribly wrong!"

Mr Riches, a personal trainer, was due to have surgery on his shattered leg and ankle yesterday and could be forced to forgo performing for up to six months as he recovers.

A spokesperson for London Ambulance Service confirmed a woman suffered a head injury and was rushed to hospital after the incident at the club, which has Dreamboys performances every two weeks.

"We were called at 8:17pm yesterday evening (February 23) to reports of an incident on City Road, Shoreditch," a statement said.

"We dispatched two ambulance crews, an advanced paramedic, a medic on a bicycle and our hazardous area response team (HART).

"We treated a woman for a head injury at the scene and took her to hospital. We treated a second person, a man, for a leg injury and took him to hospital."

Dreamboys spokeswoman Kirsty Shaw-Rayner told the Sun: "Lewis is such a lovely guy. He's so sweet and he was in tears about the whole thing. All he was concerned about was making sure the lady was OK.

"Luckily, she is going to be all right — but it's not the way she imagined her night going." 

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