Extreme body modification who’s inked from head-to-toe praised for latest post

A man who is covered in tattoos has been hailed for his latest Instagram post.

Remy, a chef from Canada, is fairly open about the transformation he's had over the past few years.

Recently, the dad with almost 90% of his body inked unveiled his latest neck tattoo.

He shared a snap of the shading on his neck which shows a black rose – and fans absolutely loved it.

When he's not showing off his updates, he's sharing how far he's come with throwbacks.

Now in an upload to his 189,000 followers on Instagram, Remy has been praised for his strong caption.

He wrote: "One of my main rules for body modification of any kind is that it's easier to ask forgiveness than beg permission."

Remy added: "When it comes to doing what you want with your own life you should be the only one that gets a say in the matter.

"Our loved one will still be there at the end of the day.

"And even if it's hard for them to understand if you're worth enough to them they'll accept you in the end."

In the photo, the body modification fan posed from the side as he showed off his facial tattoos and piercings.

He also put his latest work on full show after he recently had his neck tattoo shaded.

It's safe to say that fans loved his post as it racked up over 3,099 likes and hundreds of comments.

One said: "Great words for that," while another added: "Exactly right! Looking awesome by the way."

A third commented: "Your faces tattoos look amazing," and a fourth gushed: "I love this."

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And Remy is no man to shy away from his body modification progress after revealing his most painful stud.

He said he had no regrets when he got an intimate piercing after splashing £75,000.

The dad revealed: "I've had work done below the belt. I'd say my double dydoe peircings were the most painful."

In case you're wondering, the dydoe is a type of male genital piercing that passes through the ridge of the head of the penis.

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