Daughter shocks mum after 18 months apart by posing as her waitress

Moment daughter who hadn’t seen her mother in 18 months due to Covid travel restrictions surprises her by dressing up as a WAITRESS and bringing her drinks at her local pub

  • Emma Nugent, from Leeds, hadn’t seen her daughter, Sophie, for 18 months 
  • Due to COVID-19 and living in Qatar Sophie Nugent hadn’t been able to visit 
  • Sophie disguised herself as a waitress to surprise her mother at her local pub

A mother was left stunned after her daughter she hadn’t seen for 18 months surprised her by dressing up as a waiter at a local pub to serve her drinks. 

Spanish teacher Sophie Nugent, who lives in Doha, Qatar, with her husband, had not been able to return to the UK for more than a year because of travel restrictions – and came up with a plan to make her reunion with her mother extra special. 

After secretly booking a flight home, Sophie surprised her mother Emma and her stepfather Paul while they were having drinks at a pub in Rawdon, West Yorkshire.  

Her sister Sasha filmed the moment Sophie, dressed in a white shirt and black trousers like the rest of the staff, approached the table with drinks, wearing a face mask and sunglasses to conceal her identity. 

Sophie Nugent surprised her mother, Emma, At a Leeds pub after not seeing each other for 18 months

Emma was visibly shocked when the waitress revealed herself to be Emma’s daughter and gasped before getting up to give her a cuddle

As she whipped off her glasses and mask to reveal her face, her mother was left open-mouthed with shock.  

Emma said: ‘I’d wondered a few times how I would feel when I saw Soph again. I thought I would cry or jump up and down, but I was completely paralysed with shock.’

Sophie added: ‘I’ve got to admit, I was taken aback at just how shocked my mom was – she’s not usually lost for words!’ 

The reunion was made even more special because Sophie and her husband recently tied the knot in Qatar, with her family unable to make the journey for the big day. 

Sophie’s sister, Sasha, was in on the surprise and made sure to be the one to collect the order to give to Sophie who was hiding elsewhere 

Sophie stayed in character throughout the charade and even apologised for not have the correct wine before her mum had time to notice who was serving

Emma thought she would jump up and down when she saw Sophie again but instead she was paralysed with shock. Pictured: Sophie with her family after returning from Qatar

Sophie planned the surprise a week ahead of her return home in mid-July.

Sasha helped arrange the pub visit and Sophie waited hidden inside, ready for the big reveal. 

Once Emma, Sasha and Paul were seated and had ordered their drinks, Sasha made a secret trip to the bar and asked the staff if Sophie could carry the order to their table instead. 

She returned to the table and text Sophie to give her the signal. 

Emma approached the table and took off her sunglasses and mask but stayed in character by apologising to her mother for not having the correct wine.  

Sophie spent four weeks with her family after arriving back in the UK. Pictured: Sophie with her family after returning from Qatar

Sophie has had a wonderful visit home since being reunited with her family. Pictured: Sophie with her family after returning from Qatar

Emma initially stared wide-eyed at her daughter, unable to speak, before the women hugged.   

Emma added: ‘It was the best surprise that I have ever experienced and I’m so happy that we’ve been able to spend four weeks together, it has been fantastic.’ 

Sophie said: ‘I’ve been blown away by the response of my return to England, it has been an amazing visit home.’ 

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