Couple who feared having same dad finally receive DNA results back

A couple who thought they might share the same dad did a DNA test to find out if they're half-sisters – and finally have the results back.

Carley and Mercedes from Ontario, Canada, have been dating for two years.

And it wasn’t until they had a discussion with their mums that they felt they could be a little closer than they first thought.

READ MORE:Couple who have been dating for 2 years believe they might share same dad

When their mums spilled the beans on their past love lives, it came to light that they may have bonked the same bloke.

Worry started to set in after many of Carley and Mercedes’ one million TikTok followers noted that they look like “twins” – and it appeared they might not have been too off the mark.

Wanting to know if they are actually bonded by blood, not just passion, the OnlyFans models decided to take the plunge and do a DNA test.

Although they have been living in limbo for five weeks after taking the £246 tests from 23andme, the loved-up pair did not put their relationship on hold.

And now, in an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Carley and Mercedes have revealed the results.

They explained: “We were very anxious and the thought of potentially being related was horrifying but we just tried to keep ourselves busy.

"We’ve gone our whole relationship without knowing that this could have been a possibility so it seemed easy enough to just continue on like normal but it was always at the back of our minds.”

Leading up to the test, the pair were riddled with anxiety about the future of their relationship.

But thankfully, they found out they're not related!

“It’s definitely taken away a lot of stress and anxiety”, the X-rated models candidly shared.

“We’ve finally been able to breathe for the first time in what feels like forever.

"We couldn’t imagine going the rest of our lives without knowing.”

In the emotional video posted to TikTok that has racked up a huge 14 million views, the stunning brunettes both hugged each other overjoyed they had no matching relatives.

Although they haven’t officially marked the good news, Carley and Mercedes feel like every day is worth celebrating.

They voiced: “Everyday feels like a celebration.

“We’ve never been happier and we’ve been enjoying every minute together!”

As the saying goes, finding out that you might have the same dad makes the heart grow fonder…

You can Carley's Instagram here and Mercedes' account here.

And, their joint TikTok here.


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