Charlotte Dawson’s £19 tan remover goes viral after a model says it’s changed her life

We’ve seen plenty of unlikely beauty products go viral on TikTok, but we didn’t guess that Charlotte Dawson’s UK tanning brand Dawsylicious would find itself in the hands of models who say it’s “changed their lives”. And yet, here we are. The exact product in question is the 3 Minute Express Self Tan Remover, £19.95 here, which TikTok user @alicerosek8 claims to be gold in a tub, and the perfect buy for anyone looking to quickly wipe away old fake tan from the skin.

Answering a fan question with a video about her tan removal process, Alice says: “Yeah I’m going to put you onto something. At the moment my tan is not looking the best, and what I use when I look like a tiger bread is this product here.

“This isn’t an ad or anything, it’s been given to all the girls at our agency. Little did I know it was going to change my life. It’s from the brand Dawsylicious, and it’s gold on the inside because it is literally gold in a pot.”

Alice then demonstrates the product working in real time on her skin, showing just why models are advised to use it before shoots to remove old tan.

“I’m just going to get a little bit on my arm like that to show you then you get an exfoliating glove and look at that,” she says.

The post has racked up 20.5k likes in under a day, with hundreds of fake tan users commenting back that they “need” a tub of their own.

“Our Charlotte Dawsy?” asks one user, clocking that the brand is the brainchild of the Ex on the Beach star.

“My mouth is literally hanging open in shock. How long does a tub last for,” asks another, to which Alice replies: “A little goes a long way. I just used a big dollop to demonstrate, but you get a lot in a tub.”

A third user writes: “This is my fave product EVER.”

If you’re interested in how this “magic” product works, the ingredient list boasts a mix of coconut oil and a liquid exfoliant. It also features a gold shimmer formula, most likely just for fun. The aim of the product is to remove the need for harsh scrubbing. Instead, you only need to let this sit on the skin for three minutes before gently wiping off with a glove.

With summer weather just around the corner, we predict sell-out success for Charlotte’s now-viral remover!

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