'Cereal challenge' sees people eat breakfast from each other's MOUTHS

Cereal killer! Bizarre TikTok challenge sees people eat breakfast from a friend’s MOUTH and rush finish the meal before their partner gags (as experts warn it’s a choking risk)

  • Tik Tok users have shared attempts at the ‘Cereal Challenge’ across social media
  • People from across globe are filmed eating milk and cereal from another’s mouth
  • Many have failed to finish eating the breakfast meal before their partner gags 

From the ‘Walk A Mile’ challenge to the #6sblinktest, TikTok has become the starting point for some of the biggest viral experiments.

However, the latest challenge on the app, which sees social media users from across the globe filming themselves eating milk and cereal from a friend’s mouth, has divided the internet – with some even branding it ‘disgusting’ on Twitter. 

The aim of the game is to see if participants can finish the breakfast before their partner gags, but among the viral clips of those who’ve failed the task are YouTube star Bretman Rock and US actor Ronnie Banks.

Meanwhile, another man took it one step further after he filmed himself allowing his dog to eat from his mouth.

However, there are health risks associated with the trend, as it runs the risk of food going down the ‘wrong way’ and blocking the airway.

According to the NHS website: This can lead to chest infections, such as aspiration, which require urgent medical treatment. Warning signs of aspiration pneumonia include: a wet, gurgly voice while eating or drinking and difficulty breathing.’

 Here, FEMAIL rounds up the most-viewed attempts at the TikTok experiment…

Social media users have been filming themselves eating from each other’s mouths as part of the new ‘Cereal Challenge’ on the TikTok App. Pictured, YouTube star Bretman Rock

YouTube star Bretman Rock who is based in the US, failed to successfully complete the challenge and could be seen spitting milk and cereal from his mouth within minutes

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Kim Benshimon, believed to be from the UK, who boasts more than 228,000 followers on TikTok, received over 100 comments on her failed attempt at the challenge

Jack Mundy, from the US, who has 490,000 followers on the platform, covered himself in milk just seconds after Ellie took a mouthful (pictured)

TikTok user Mommac_  from Oklahoma, received over 55,000 likes on a clip of her husband eating milk and cereal from her mouth 

One participant, from an unknown location, decided to lay on the floor with a mouth full of milk, before allowing his dog to drink until he gagged

Another person, from an unknown location, posted their attempt at the challenge on Twitter, and described it as ‘harder than you think’

Two people from Brazil who tried the challenge filled the room with milk in their failed attempt, which has been highly shared on Twitter

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