Brit’s horror as American partner makes tea with cold water before microwaving

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A British lad was hit by a horrifying reality when his girlfriend made him tea the "American way".

There is often a huge debate among the Brits when it comes to brewing a perfect cup of tea – from whether milk or the tea bag should be put in first, to the ratio of tea to milk.

When American Dancing on Ice champion Alex Murphy made her boyfriend a cup of "English tea", it's fair to say it led to a strong reaction.

In a TikTok video, Alex puts a tea bag into a mug and fills it with cold tap water, then pours in a decent amount of milk and adds a spoonful of sugar.

She takes this cup of cloudy-looking, tea-soaking water to the microwave and heats it up for 30 seconds.

When it's done, she says: "A cup of British tea."

Alex removes the tea bag and gives the drink a quick stir to mix it all together.

When Alex's boyfriend takes a first sip, he raises his eyebrow and asks: "What is that?"

He gives it another go, but can't help to deliver a brutal verdict, saying: "That is disgusting, sorry I don't mean to be rude.

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"I feel like I am being really rude but that is not a cup of tea."

When Alex reveals that she put the tea in the microwave, the lad is stunned.

"Oh f***, you having a laugh?" he tells her, then drops the tea to the floor, breaking the mug into pieces.

Viewers shared their thoughts on the comments, with one saying her boyfriend's response was "appropriate".

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One said: "When she used tap water, I screamed!"

"Throwing the cap was justified, if you say otherwise clearly you're not British," a second wrote.

Alex didn't realise her tea made such a big fuss and said: "I didn't realise the world cared this much about tea. It is how we do it in America!"

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