Braless ASOS model ditches razor to pose with hairy armpits on full show

Many women have started to embrace the fuzz and ditch the razor to flaunt their natural hair.

From OnlyFans models flaunting their pubic hair for kinky customers to body positive influencers happy to keep their arms hairy – keeping things smooth has become a thing of yesterday.

Now, it seems that ASOS have joined in on the hairy fun.

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With ASOS taking on Topshop after the Arcadia Group fell into administration, the online retailer often update their website with lots of new envy worthy styles.

As the transition into autumn fashion continues, Topshop have released a rust coloured tank top which is perfect for the shades of this time of year.

The model pouted with a dark lip colour and lifted one of her arms in the sleeveless number which revealed her hairy pit.

A strip of hair covered her armpit while the model effortlessly flaunted the casual attire.

Who needs sleeves when you have your pits keeping your warm!

However, the beauty standard defying look did not stop there.

Confident in her looks, the stunning model also ditched her bra which highlighted the outline of her nipples – and her risqué piercing.

At the bargain price of £8, the 'Topshop clean tank in rust' is part of the brands 'new era'.

"Topshop is entering a new era", according to the ASOS website.

"Retaining its fashion authority and the very best of its heritage, while celebrating iconic styles such as the Jamie and Joni jean, and embracing the new.

"With that unique London spirit remaining at the core of the collections, join us on a journey of exploration and discovery."

Previously, OnlyFans model Aimee revealed to Daily Star that she is called 'disgusting' for not shaving.

But, her clients can't get enough of her bush.

She explained: “I honestly just LOVE my bush, and all my body hair to be quite frank!

“I let all my body hair grow; on my legs, arms, face, armpits… everywhere!

“I refuse to believe that my natural body is something to be ashamed of. I refuse to accept that existing as a woman with body hair makes me unlovable, dirty or any other label that companies want to throw on me."


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