B&M is selling paddling pools – and prices start from just £8

IF you’re looking to keep the kids entertained in the garden, B&M is selling a range of paddling pools with prices starting from £8.

The cheapest we found started at £7.99 for a shaded baby-size pool, going up to £30 for a two-metre option.

Sadly, you can't order from the B&M website so you'll need to visit your nearest store to pick one up.

B&M has 600 shops in the UK – use the online store finder to track down your nearest one.

It's worth noting that current government guidelines state you should only visit your nearest store for essential items.

This means you should only look to pick up a pool as part of your essential shop.

As always, make sure you shop around so you can make sure you're getting the best value for money.

Here's our top picks from B&M's pool selection.

Baby Shaded Paddling Pool

  • £7.99 – view online

This paddling pool has a padded base for your baby to sit on and an adjustable sunshade to protect them from the sun.

It comes in two colours, blue or pink, and measures 135cm by 114cm by 76cm when inflated.

When we checked online, the cheapest baby pool with a sunshade we could find cost £7.98 plus £3.49 delivery – £11.47 in total – from Ebuyer.

Spaceship Paddling Pool

  • £14 – view online

It's called a spaceship pool because its shape and silver colour almost make it look like a UFO.

This pool measures 157cm by 157cm by 40cm when inflated.

We did find the same pool for £11.99 on Charlies but you'll need to pay £4.50 delivery on top, which takes the total cost to £16.49.

Tropical Paddling Pool

  • £18 – view online

Perfect for when the weather starts to feel more summery, this pool has a cute fruit design with images of pineapples and oranges around the side.

It measures 149cm by 53cm when inflated.

The same pool costs £18 plus £4 delivery, £22 in total, on eBay.

Kids Aquarium Play Pool

  • £25 – view online

This super cool aquarium-themed pool comes with a slide to play on and an inflatable palm tree that sprays water.

Sadly, B&M doesn't have the size measures on its website.

We've asked the retailer for more information, including if the pool comes with all the inflatable animals seen in the picture above.

Elsewhere, a paddling pool with a slide will cost you as much as £29 – such as this one from Just Athlete, which also charges £6.81 for delivery, bringing the total to £35.81.

Bestway Inflatable Garden Pool

  • £30 – view online

This Bestway pool has comfy seats inside for you and your kids to relax while keeping cool.

It measures 213cm by 206cm by 69cm, so it's one of the larger ones from this selection.

The same Bestway pool comes to £31.87 plus £16.66 for delivery – a total price of £48.53 – from Brycus.

If you're looking for a hot tub, B&M has them in stores and they start at £250.

B&M is also selling a sun lounger for dogs with shade cover.

B&M announced last month that it's closing 49 stores temporarily despite being allowed to stay open during the coronavirus crisis.

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