Bloke finds golf ball inside tree he chopped down – and people are intrigued

A tree surgeon made a surprising discovery when they chopped down a tree.

They noticed a golf ball wedged inside the wood, which suggests someone hit a rogue shot years ago.

The arborist shared a picture of the find on Reddit’s r/mildlyinteresting forum.

They wrote: “Was cutting down a tree at a golf course and found a golf ball wedged in it.”

The post garnered more than 62,600 upvotes – and proved to be a real talking point.

One Redditor pointed out: “Crazy… it's at least a 13 year old ball if you count the rings.”

Another said: “That makes me wonder, how many other golf balls could be deposited in these trees?

“There could be more, they're just never found because they've been cut around.”

A third wrote: “They might have missed hidden golf balls in other trees.

“Plus most of the golf balls are going to be lodged in closer to the ground.”

And a fourth asked: “I wonder how many trees we have cut through where we missed the golf ball?”

Others couldn’t risk cracking jokes.

A Redditor laughed: “Looks like it got en-golfed”

Another said: “Poor dude never found his ball.”

And a third joked: “So that's how golf balls are born.”

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