"Big Brother 22" All-Star Ian Terry Reveals The Factors That Led To His Eviction

Ian Terry was one of the two Big Brother winners – along with season 18 champion Nicole Franzel – that returned for this summer’s All-Star season.

Ian, who won Big Brother 14, was evicted by a 5-3 vote last week. There was a strong campaign to keep him in the house over Tyler Crispen (the season 20 runner-up), but “The Committee” alliance decided to end Ian’s bid at a second Big Brother victory.

Unfortunately, Ian never got much of a chance to shine in this year’s All-Star season. Back in season 14, he was aligned with several star players – including Big Brother legend Dan Gheesling (whom he beat in the finals) and Britney Haynes.

Following his eviction, Ian explained that not being in a major alliance led to his downfall this season.

“Point blank it was two things. One, I wasn’t in the big alliance from the beginning,” Ian explained, per John Powell of Global TV. “That is going to cause problems if you are not in the big alliance.”

Secondly, Ian detailed that the “BB Basement” twists led to the turning point of his Big Brother 22 game.

“Two, the last week there was a really weird sequence of events with the whole Disrupter twist. It just made it so my place in the pecking order may have been pretty low but I got accelerated all the way to the top of the list because there was really no one else,” Ian explained. “That is where I would say things went wrong.”

David Alexander was initially nominated for eviction along with Kevin Campbell, but the former was able to use the “Disruptor” power to take himself off the block. Tyler was nominated in David’s place.

Da’Vonne Rogers won the Power of Veto competition, and she decided to remove Kevin from the block. Ian was nominated in Kevin’s place, and that set the stage for hisBig Brother eviction.

No person in the history of Big Brother has won the show twice. The aforementioned Dan Gheesling won season 10 before losing to Ian in the finale of Big Brother 14. Paul Abrahamian (seasons 18 and 19) lost by a single vote in both of his seasons.

Ian became the first member of this year’s Big Brother jury. He will return for finale night with eight other houseguests to vote for the winner of Big Brother 22. The finale date hasn’t been confirmed by CBS, but multiple reports suggest it will take place on Oct. 28.

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