Best fast-working beauty fixes, from whiter teeth in 3 days to younger skin in 5

In an age of instant gratification, when we can book a holiday at the click of a button or order a single can of Coke to arrive at our door in five minutes, we’re expecting far more from our beauty routines, too.

Nowadays no one wants to set an alarm for an hour earlier in the morning to get all their essential grooming done, book a day off work for beauty appointments or plan a skincare routine months before an important event. Customers want quick fixes, and rapid reassurance that that particular purchase or expense was worth the cost.

Luckily the beauty industry is coming up to speed. Aware that for some, time is the most precious commodity of all, formulas and techniques are getting faster, smarter and better, without sacrificing on results.

Here are some of the speedy new beauty launches promising to beat the clock, whether you’ve got one week or one minute…

1 minute to… Healthier hair

Opting for an intensive hair treatment usually involves either a lengthy time spent bent over the back basin at the salon or standing shivering in the shower at home, counting down the minutes until you can rinse it off. TRESemmé’s latest hair masks, however, claim to deliver a professional-quality strand-strengthening service in just 60 seconds. The 1 Min WOW! deep conditioners, currently on sale for £2.49 each here, use two different patented technologies to heal the hair on the inside and out, leaving it sleeker, softer and shinier.

5 minutes to… More awake under-eyes

Fancy a five-minute eye lift? NOT something any reputable expert would recommend – unless perhaps it’s using new eye primer Sensational Eyes from LloydsPharmacy, £24.99 here. The gel works by forming a fine film over the skin – as this film dries (it’s important to wait the full five minutes without touching it) it gently stretches the skin, creating a temporarily smoother, tauter effect that lasts for up to eight hours.

30 minutes to… Enhanced eyelashes

A salon lash lift is a great way to give your eyelashes subtle definition and curl, but such treatments usually take the best part of an hour – that’s a long time to be lying down with your eyes closed with someone looming over you if you’re claustrophobic, or a wriggler.

Elleebana’s Lash Lift, however, claims to be the “world’s fastest”, thanks to perming formulas that develop quicker and tools that apply them more efficiently. Beauty writer Lucy confirmed that it was indeed slightly quicker than her usual (the lash lift itself taking about 30 minutes, although opting for a lash tint will also add on a little extra time), and she loved the naturally curled, fanned out result. Prices start from £45 available in salons nationwide.

3 days to… Whiter teeth

If you’re serious about wanting a whiter smile, there is no off-the-shelf product that will have the same effect as a dentist-issued whitening treatment, but swapping your usual toothpaste for one of Colgate’s Max White Ultra, £8 each here, may up the effects of your daily dental routine – and with rapid results. These two new tubes are clinically proven to remove more stains caused by food and drink after just three days than regular toothpaste, thanks to a non-abrasive foaming formula that contains millions of oxygen molecules that grip and lift off surface stains (although the rather soapy taste may take a while to get used to!).

5 days to… Younger-looking skin

Most skincare should be used for at least four weeks before you can expect to see any results, but Kiehl's latest anti-ager claims to improve the skin’s appearance in under one. Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle-Reducing Night Serum, £68 here, contains a smart retinol system that penetrates 15 layers deep to boost skin renewal, improving the look of fine lines in just five sleeps.

It has impressed some of our seasoned retinol users, too. “After five days of use I could see a change – my skin was smooth and appeared more youthful,” one happy tester remarked. “I've now been using this product for four weeks and my skin looks better every week.”

1 week to… Clearer skin

Battling blemish-prone skin can be a tricky balance to get right – tiptoe around it and it’ll linger, or potentially get worse, yet go at it too aggressively and you risk irritating the skin further. Professional-favourite skincare brands Dermalogica and Medik8 have both launched new tonics that promise to say farewell to spots in a flash.

Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Liquid Peel, £27, launching on 5 October, is a powerful blend of acids that unclogs pores and smoothes skin texture, while Medik8 Press & Clear, £34 here, is a gentler formula that’s better suited to dry or sensitive complexions. In tests conducted by both brands, the majority of users saw visibly clearer skin after seven days.


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