Spoilers: Ziggy leaves the Bay to become a pro surfer in Home and Away?

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) have been away on a spontaneous surfing road trip, but they are forced to return earlier than planned so that Dean can attend a school event for Jai (River Jarvis).

Ziggy is understanding and just glad they got some time away, but when she returns to work she struggles with settling back into reality. Justin (James Stewart) is in her ear, bragging about Theo’s band success, and later on Dean is full of pride after Jai’s success in his footy gala event.

She begins to get irritated, especially with Justin’s incessant praising of Lyrik, and snaps. Feeling that she’s lost her youth, Ziggy begins wondering if she could have given surfing a real shot. Instead, she’s living in a small town and working at a garage, while Dean is busy with Dad duties.

Justin warns Dean that he needs to clear the air with Ziggy – after she snapped in the garage earlier, he’s presumed that it was the road trip that caused her bad mood. However, Dean insists the trip went well and it must have been Justin who set her off. Later, Dean is surprised by Ziggy’s upbeat mood when he meets up with her.

Wistful, Ziggy tells him that the road trip reminded her of their dream to travel the coast doing surf competitions – but now they have responsibilities at home. She accepts her dreams aren’t realistic, but Dean senses she hasn’t let go of her surfing goals entirely despite her words.

Left with food for thought, Dean worries that the surf trip backfired and instead left Ziggy thinking more about the life she wants but can’t have.

Feeling forlorn, he realises he may be holding his girlfriend back. Meanwhile, at the garage, Ziggy pulls out a leaflet promoting an upcoming surfing competition from her back pocket. Can’t she also pursue her dreams?

To her surprise, Dean approaches her later on and has a proposition for her – she should chase her pro surfing goals. Dean and Jai will be waiting in Summer Bay for her…

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