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THE air fryer has become a must-have gadget, and if you're looking to buy your first one or upgrade to a new model, then Black Friday is the best time to do it – you'll find fantastic air fryer Black Friday deals during the annual mega-sale.

It's best to plan ahead so that you get the air fryer you really want, and that will work best for feeding your family – as well as at the right price point. So, start having a think now about what you want from your air fryer and read on for our handy guide to this brilliant kitchen gadget and the air fryer Black Friday deals you can expect in 2023.

When is Black Friday 2023?

The mega-sale day that is Black Friday is on Friday, November 24 this year.

It traditionally falls on the day after American Thanksgiving.

But you can start hunting for the best Black Friday sales right now, as many retailers have begun discounting products already.

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Are air fryer retailers taking part in Black Friday this year?

Yes, we'd definitely expect to see loads of great offers on air fryers during the Black Friday 2023 sales, based on recent years.

If you're wondering which model to go for, read our tried-and-tested guide to the best air fryers before splashing out.

But don't hang about too long! Air fryers are flying off the shelves at the moment – they're a hugely popular purchase. So, choose the one you want and get ready to shop as soon as Black Friday comes around.

What to expect from the air fryer Black Friday sale 2023

There are sure to be great offers on leading air fryer brands like Tefal, Ninja, Morphy Richards, Lakeland, Daewoo and Tower.

Make sure you shop around to find the best deal on the air fryer you want.

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For Black Friday sales, check out the major retailers – such as:

  • Amazon
  • John Lewis
  • Currys
  • Argos
  • AO
  • Robert Dyas
  • Littlewoods
  • Very

It's also worth visiting the brands' own websites (such as Ninja) to check out the information or deals there.

What was in the air fryer sale last year?

Last year's fantastic Black Friday air fryer bargains included:

Ninja Black Friday air fryer deals

  1. Ninja Foodi Exclusive Health Grill and Steak Knives Bundle, £299.99 (save £40) – buy here
  2. Ninja Foodi MAX Health Grill & Air Fryer, £249.99 – buy here
  3. Ninja Foodi 11-in-1 SmartLid Multi-Cooker 6L, £219.99 (save £60) – buy here

Aldi Black Friday air fryer deals

  • Tefal ActiFry Advance, £99.99 (saving £50) – buy here

John Lewis Black Friday air fryer deals

  • Instant Pot Duo Crisp & Air Fryer, 8L: £159.99, save £40 – buy here
  • Sage Smart Oven™ Air Fryer Countertop Oven: £299, save £30 – buy here
  • Philips HD9280/91 Connected XL Air Fryer, £149.99 (save £50) – buy here

Very Black Friday air fryer deals

  • Tefal ActiFry Advance 1.2kg Snacking Air Fryer: £139, save £60 – buy here
  • Tefal EasyFry Precision 2-in-1 Digital Air Fryer & Grill 4.2L: £109, save £16 – buy here

Currys Black Friday air fryer deals

  • Ninja Foodi Max Multi Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer: £199, save £30 – buy here
  • TEFAL Easy Fry Compact Air Fryer: £59.99, save £30 – buy here
  • MORPHY RICHARDS 480005 Air Fryer, £109 – buy here


  • Tefal Actifry Genius Air Fryer: £148, save £15 – buy here
  • Tefal EasyFry Compact Air Fryer: £75, save £19 – buy here


  • Salter AeroGrill Pro 3.8L Air Fryer: £140, save £20 – buy here
  • Ninja Foodi 7.5L Multi Pressure Cooker Air Fryer Dehydrator: £200, save £30 – buy here
  • Instant Pot Duo Crisp Ultimate 6.2L Air Fryer: £155, save £65 – buy here

When is Cyber Monday 2023 and are air fryer retailers taking part?

Cyber Monday is the online-only extension of Black Friday and this year it takes place on on November 27.

It's worth checking out, as many retailers offer extra deals and discounts for online shoppers to take advantage of. We'd definitely expect that to be the case with air fryer retailers.

Plus it's your last chance to grab a deal.

Is Black Friday a good time to buy an air fryer?

Yes! There are great discounts available on all the best models today, meaning you can save a substantial amount on the handy kitchen item.

Top brands compete to offer the best Black Friday deals, and you'll be the winner.

What are the best air fryers you can buy in 2023?

Wondering which model is worthy of your Black Friday purchase?

We've rounded up all the very best air fryers, including the Salter 3.2L hot air fryer.

It's ideal for family favourites, such as portions of chips and chicken goujons.

The Salter air fryer comes with healthy recipes, too, for extra inspiration.

Plus you can use it to air fry frozen child-friendly meals like chicken nuggets, chips and spring rolls.

Or perhaps you'll be tempted by the Tefal ActiFry Genius XL AH960840.

It has nine different cooking programme and two ‘1-meal-in-1-go’ settings, which mean you can cook up all your ingredients in one go.

Plus there's the stirring paddle and Dual Motion technology, so that hot air circulates all around the bowl.

The extra bonus is the free MyActiFry App, which features more than 300 recipes to try out.

Or if you want a space-saver that still offers loads of options, check out the Lakeland Digital Compact Air Fryer.

It's just 25cm at its widest point, but still offers five pre-set functions: poultry, steak or meat, bakes, fresh fries and veg, frozen fries and veg.

How do air fryers work?

Air fryers cook food by convection heating. When you place food in the basket and turn your air fryer on, hot air is pumped around the food by the fan.

This process makes the food crisp, like deep frying but without the oil.

Are air fryers healthy?

Air frying is certainly healthier than deep frying in oil – cutting calories by around 70% and a lot less fat.

Compared to oven baking, air-fried dishes are just as healthy as if you had oven-baked them.

However, many of the traditionally deep-fried foods you would put in an air fryer are not the healthiest options so they should be eaten in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

How to cook chips in an air fryer

  1. Cut potatoes into chips – not too thin and not too big – wash them and towel dry.
  2. Spray the chips with oil – you can go oil free but a little can make them crispier.
  3. Season and transfer the chips to the air fryer basket.
  4. Air fry for around 20-25 minutes – give the basket a shake half way through and spray the chips with more oil if needed.

How much do air fryers cost?

Air fryers vary in price, depending on the size, model and brand.

You can get a smaller model for around £70, right up to around £300 for something like a Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer.

It really depends on how often you'll be cooking big meals (like for a family) and whether you want more variety in your settings.

Is it worth getting an air fryer?

It can definitely be a really useful addition to your kitchen.

Air fryers are healthier, since you cook food with much less oil. They're also quicker than the oven, and use less energy – particularly important at the moment as costs are higher.

Most are versatile, too, giving you lots of options and making cooking more fun.

What are the pros and cons of an air fryer?

As we've explored, there are plenty of great pros.

Air fryers are cheaper, faster, healthier and more energy efficient – plus they don't take up too much space in your kitchen.

As for the cons, they work best if you're cooking smaller portions – so that might mean having to cook more often, rather than generating lots of leftovers.

Some models are trickier to clean, or can be noisy.

If that's a concern for you, make sure you choose a model that is dishwasher-friendly and doesn't make as much noise.

Is it cheaper to cook in an air fryer than an oven?

In terms of energy costs: absolutely. It can be half as expensive to cook in the air fryer than in the average oven.

Air fryers are also cheaper to buy than ovens, so you'll get your money back faster if you use it a lot.

Plus you only need a tiny bit of oil for most of your air fryer cooking – which should save you money in the long run.

Looking for more bargains? Check out our guide to Cyber Monday 2023. Plus we've got an expert guide to Black Friday 2023.

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