Astrologer reveals why Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet are the perfect match

An unlikely match, or so we thought.

Astrologically (if you buy into that), Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet aren’t worlds apart.

The two stars have been rumoured to be casually seeing each other, after being spotted out multiple times – and most recently, sharing a kiss in public.

Rebecca Milford, an astrologer and founder of Cosmic Cures, tells us that actually, ‘these two have got power couple written all over them’.

She explains that even though Kylie as a Leo, and Tim as a Capricorn, aren’t initially the best match, when you delve into their astrological charts the outlook seems different.

Your astrological chart gives more details and more signs than just your sun sign – moon and rising signs are important too, and looking at the fuller picture you can get more of an idea of compatibility.

Rebecca says: ‘First up, they have strong Capricorn placements – Timothy’s Sun is here [in Capricorn], and Kylie is a Capricorn Rising.

‘Capricorn is the sign associated with hard work, dedication, ambition and climbing the ladder to success.

‘What’s more, if you look at Timothy’s chart, it has a Stellium in Capricorn, meaning this is a hot spot in his birth chart.’

How to find out your rising sign

You need to know the time and location in which you were born.

Then head to somewhere like The Manifesting App which can calculate it for you, or websites like Astrocafe, which are free.

Calculate your birth chart and there you will find your rising sign (or ascendant as its sometimes called).

Timothy’s Stellium (which includes Mars, the planet of passion) is in the 5th House of romance, flirtation and drama, according to Rebecca, which means ‘he can handle any diva-ish behaviour’.

This fits well with Kylie, whose Sun is in Leo in the 8th House of power and transformation, which speaks to her loving the public eye and influencing others.

They’ll need to make sure they aren’t overly critical of each other, as they both have Virgo in their chart – a sign that is known for spotting flaws and being perfectionist.

Another area they might need to be careful with, is finding balance between love and work life – especially from Kylie’s side, as her chart shows she may struggle with boundaries between the two.

Rebecca adds: ‘They’d both have to be strongly aware for the need to equally carve out time from their busy schedules and commitments, but if so this could be a loving, intense but overall supportive match.’

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