Haters are still seething about Prince Harry’s soccer game appearance

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The British media has done everything to create an alternative narrative about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. That narrative has even infected some in the American media, and it’s still utterly bizarre to watch in real time. Like, there never was anything to the “Harry and Meghan’s marriage trouble” story – it was utter fiction, repeated ad infinitum over the summer because none of those people have an appetite to discuss what’s really going on in the Wales marriage.

This was also the case with the “Harry & Meghan are unpopular in America” talking point, although that one was purely cooked up by British people Britsplaining American culture to a British audience. Meanwhile, every time Prince Harry and Meghan go anywhere, they’re stars and people notice them, talk about them and get excited to see them. So it was when Harry went solo to the LA Galaxy-Inter Miami game in LA on Sunday – most coverage of the game led with “all of the celebrities came out, especially Prince Harry!” This too has broken a lot of brains. You mean… people were excited to see Harry? You mean Harry was interacting with celebrities and soccer people were fan-girling over him? All of which brings me to this hilariously seething piece in the Telegraph, written by an American Republican operative. The guy is practically begging Americans to… stop liking Harry?

Sunday night’s Inter Miami CF match against LA Galaxy attracted a crowd of A-listers you’d normally expect to find at the Super bowl final. Notable names included Selena Gomez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Galaxy co-owner Will Ferrell, Liam Gallagher, Magic Johnson, LeBron James, Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham, not one but two Spiderman stars (Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland), and… the Duke of Sussex, unaccompanied by his LA-native wife.

Given the glittering list above, it seems remarkable that a host of US news outlets decided to use Prince Harry as their headline click-bait about the match, vaulting him ahead of every other celeb. For example, CNN’s headline reads, “Prince Harry among star-studded crowd watching Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami defeat LAFC”. Soccer originated in Britain, which might explain the link – but why give Harry prime place over fellow Brit (and actual soccer icon) David Beckham?

Harry looked like he was having a fine time at the match, hobnobbing with other celebrities. He wore an LA Galaxy scarf, but when someone asked him if he had any advice for Messi, he reportedly raised a thumb and said, “Message for Messi? Put it in the net!” It seems that the Prince’s disloyalty isn’t just reserved for the Royal family. The stadium was sold out, and the average ticket price set an MLS record at $690. I imagine that it’s unlikely that Prince Harry paid for his own ticket.

It’s worth noting that on the leaked alleged celebrity guest list for the match, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the only two who have no occupation listed next to their names. Celebrities are often mocked for being shallow and narcissistic but all the other A-listers at the match are at least high achievers in their fields. They’ve made movies people want to see, they’ve created popular music, they’ve achieved glory in the world of sports and in other endeavors.

The Prince does some laudable charity work, and may still command some good-will across the pond for his military service, but has hardly made a splash stateside. The blank space next to Harry’s name makes sense, unless you count complaining about your famous family as an occupation.

It’s normal for this addle-brained, publicity-seeking duo to make headlines in the UK, but I find it astonishing that my fellow countrymen are now interested in their lives. I’d like to believe that they are not, and the media is forcing Harry news on us anyway, but I fear that Harry and Meghan are indeed popular here with a certain class of people I have little in common with.

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He goes on to cry about how Harry needs to shut up about his trauma and be more dignified or something. Like, this is what happens when their carefully constructed false narratives are destroyed in a matter of hours – oh, right, Harry is enormously popular in his new adopted country. Oh, right, millions of people read Spare, which is still one of the biggest bestsellers of the year. Oh, right, Harry gets a rapturous reception wherever he goes. Oh, right, celebrities see Harry as a friend and an equal. Even more than that, celebrities were so jazzed to see Harry at the soccer game and that’s why the coverage of the game led with Harry’s attendance. Somewhere in that asylum, Camilla Tominey is rocking back and forth in a padded cell, crying: “but South Park, but South Park, but South Park.”

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