Amanda Kloots addresses Michael Allio dating rumors

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Amanda Kloots is setting the record straight on chatter that she’s dating Michael Allio.

The two sparked rumors last December when “The Talk” co-host shared a photo of herself looking cozy with the “Bachelorette” alum.

But the performer, 39, says that if they were actually dating, “we wouldn’t be like, snapping the picture and posting it.”

Kloots acknowledges that the speculation “comes from a good place.”

“It comes from, you know, he has an incredible support system online and fans all over that just want him to succeed in life and find love again,” she told E! News, “and I have an amazing group of fans that want the same for me….We were both laughing at it, but neither of us were upset by it….People just want us to be happy and find love again. So, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

The dancer was married to Broadway star Nick Cordero, who died at age 41 in July 2020 from COVID-19 complications. They had a son Elvis who is now 2-years-old. Allio, 37, lost his wife, Laura Ritter-Allio, to cancer in January 2019 and he’s dad to their 5-year-old son James.

The two first met over social media after friends urged them to connect.

“When you are a widow and single parent, it is so wonderful to meet people that are in your same boat. It makes you feel less alone.

“There is an immediate honesty and ease when you’ve been through trauma like we have,” she confessed. “We are both from Ohio, have little boys and [have] been through a very hard time in life. We have each other’s back.”

That’s not to say that Kloots isn’t ready for romance.

“You know, listen, I love love. I love being in love. I love being married,” she revealed. “I love being in a relationship. I think too, like with Elvis, I long for that family again in my life.”

And she’s sure that is what her late husband would want for her too.

“I talk to Nick all the time in the car whenever I’m driving,” Amanda continued, “and it was before the holidays I said to him, ‘OK honey, it’s time. Like, you gotta send me a really great guy ’cause I’m really lonely and I would love to be hugged and kissed again. So you gotta send me somebody that’s really special ’cause I’m ready.’”

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