7 TBT Holiday Cards That Will Give You All The Warm & Fuzzies

Whether it’s tinsel, twine, or that one photo where the baby’s crying, all holiday cards are guaranteed to give you the feels — and almost everyone you know has one. From awkwardly styled ensembles to the hilariously haphazard Santa props some of us were forced to pose with, these captured memories are the ones that keep the holiday spirit alive for years to come.

During the holidays, my family and I would always go to our friendly neighborhood photo studio and take hilariously staged photos with festive props. But my favorite holiday photos were always the candids. These are the shots in front of the tree capturing our total joy on Christmas morning opening gifts and basking in the spirit of togetherness.

Looking back at old holiday photos, my favorites are from the ’80s and ’90s. You know — the ones with that subtle, filtered haze of "we still haven’t figured out photography yet," or as we millennials say, “the throwback." In partnership with Macy’s, here are a few throwback holiday cards to give you all the feels this season:

1. Lindsey, 26

"I remember thinking this oversized stocking was THE coolest Christmas decoration in our house. Apparently my sister and I both loved it so much that we’d have to take turns literally just laying on the floor in it (check out that awkward smile). I think we still have that stocking to this day!"

2. Allison, 33

“I was roughly 6 or 7 and my parents made me take a picture with this woman dressed as a tree at my dad’s office Christmas party. I have no idea who she is.”

3. Cassie, 27

“Every time I see this picture I laugh SO hard. From the matching overalls and Santa hats to my devilish grin, this photo is special as it reminds me of simpler times. I’m not quite sure what’s going on in this moment, but I’d like to think that I ate all of the Christmas cookies, chuckling to myself while my sister looks around for them. Who knows!”

4. Liana, 29

“Grampy told me he and Santa were buddies in the Navy, which seemed plausible at the time.”

5. Theresa, 33

“I remember this day and being forced to wear this itchy dress. My sister nervously giggling in the back in an effort to stay relaxed. At the time we were so over having to go to this photo studio, but it’s now one of my fave family holiday memories.”

6. Lexi, 29

“My parents did the typical ‘here’s a picture of our kids’ cards every year. But eventually it got to the point where we were like, ‘Mom, Dad, we’re getting a little old for this.’ So they were like, ‘OK OK last year.’ So my brother and I conspired to make our last one a real gangbuster year. That’s the year we did American Gothic. Well, everyone loved it SO much, they all demanded an encore the following year. So we gave the people what they wanted. Then it just continued until we were finally like, ok, now it’s the last time FOR REAL. My brother and I didn’t even live at home anymore! So we figured for our true last year, we’d make it a whole family affair. My parents still get complaints that we don’t do that anymore, but as I’m sure you can guess, it’s actually way more work than you’d think. All good things must come to an end…”

7. Lucy, 28

"I was 2 and my sister Katie was 4. We got these outfits in London (can you tell lol?!?), so we like to joke that it looks like our parents picked us out from the toy section at the department store.”

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